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Deskpro Horizon Release 2022.45 - Tin tức / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

thg 11 8 2022

Deskpro Horizon Release 2022.45

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We’re pleased to announce the release of Deskpro Horizon. This release includes several new features that our team has been developing, general improvements to the product and interface, and several bug fixes.

New Features

💫 You can now download a list of tickets as a CSV file (SC 90873).

💫 When you open a ticket, the message will scroll to the top of the most recent message to give you a smoother experience (SC 90979).

💫 We have added an RSS feed per Forum in Community Topics (SC 92039).

💫 We have updated our HubSpot and Pipedrive apps (SC 92462).

  • The update to the HubSpot app (v1.06) has added the ability to create, view, and edit deals. Plus, create and view notes, view activities, and edit contacts.

  • The update to the Pipedrive app (v1.02) has added the ability to create, view, and edit deals. Additionally, you can create activities and edit contacts.

Latest Improvements

💅 We have switched our custom field select lists to use a new drill-down component that displays hierarchical values more clearly (SC 84688).

💅 We have made several updates to the behavior and UI of the new ticket table to improve your experience when navigating tickets (SC 91393).

💅 We have restored the ability to insert PDFs in Knowledgebase Articles (SC 90165).

💅 Changed the default sort for the global app to last updated (SC 81617).

💅 We have added tracking to User logs for phone numbers and contact data to ensure the correct person is associated with the right information (SC 74981).

💅 We have removed the Resume Session option when logging into the interface. Now, your previous session gets remembered, i.e., if you had tabs open, these will be restored when you log back in (SC 90274).

💅 We have improved the behavior of tickets in a queue, so the number of tickets on the page will stay up to date with the page limit (SC 92100).

💅 We have restored the ability to copy Access Permission when creating new Agents, Triggers, and Permission Groups (SC 91691).

💅 We have improved the responsiveness of the Help Center editor when creating new content (SC 87738).

Bug Fixes

🐛 Fixed an issue where checkbox ticket fields displayed with dashes when they switched from multi-select type (SC 88941).

🐛 We fixed an issue affecting re-ordering select fields with drag and drop if the field has multi-level options (SC 82362).

🐛 We fixed the email notifications for article updates that were previously not sent to those who subscribed to the entire Knowledgebase or the category (SC 55173).

🐛 We fixed an issue where Agent Hours were displaying incorrectly, showing much longer hours than was possible (SC 90313).

🐛 We fixed an issue where ticket triggers were not running because they didn’t check for custom fields (SC 86584).

🐛 We have added parameters to ensure the different ticket list types are searching against the correct table and will produce results (SC 91470).

🐛 We have fixed an issue with the custom checkbox and radio buttons, where an erroneous ‘Something has gone wrong’ message would display when edited (SC 90277).

🐛 We have improved the behavior of detecting duplicate messages to ensure they get distinguished by type and source (SC 91563).

🐛 We have replaced hardcoded domains with actual values when email accounts have been edited (SC 91361).

🐛 We restored the ability to reset your password via the Forgot password? link on the agent login page (SC 91755).

🐛 We have fixed the issue where removing and adding more than one user to an organization requires a page refresh (SC 88327).

🐛 We have added the missing emailed property for the outbound ticket log and fixed the ID link for non-admins (SC 86388).

🐛 Fixed the issue where the wrong dropdown for Users or Organizations would display for Trigger rules (SC 86462).

🐛 We have stopped the ‘Ticket Open’ timer from increasing once a ticket is marked as resolved (SC 90053).

🐛 We fixed an issue where characters with accents stopped agents from being able to access some files (SC 84794).

🐛 We have fixed an issue with Facebook message formatting (SC 87344).

🐛 We fixed the ‘Group by User’ option for ticket queues (SC 87604).

🐛 We fixed the issue where using the vote button on a Community Topic would return an error (SC 92024).

🐛 We have fixed an issue where the default email settings between v5 and v6 caused email notifications to display in a message (SC 83651).

🐛 We fixed the link to the Knowledgebase Article about agent access from the custom dashboard window (SC 83177).

🐛 We fixed the date format on the disabled User banner (SC 87177).

Patch Release 2022.45.1

🐛 We fixed the issue that impacted the processing of inline images on tickets after a period of time (SC 92424).

🐛 PHP 8.1 post-production deployment fixes (SC 92755).

🐛 We fixed an issue where the content in Guides wasn't displaying correctly following an image (SC 92567).

🐛 Fixed an issue where direct links to tickets were being disrupted by the restore session feature (SC 92599).

🐛 Fixed the issue where the "Add new guide" button resulted in an unexpected error on the Agent interface (SC 92672).

🐛 Fixed the issue in the Deskpro Horizon app where the profile panel would disappear (SC 92487).

🐛 Fixed an issue where you couldn't create an article or news post from a template without editing the title (SC 92483).

Patch Release 2022.45.2

🐛 Fixed an issue where Agents weren’t being prompted to reload the browser after a change was made (SC 92911).

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