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Deskpro 2019.7.3 Release - Tin tức / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

thg 9 12 2019

Deskpro 2019.7.3 Release

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We’re happy to announce the release of Deskpro 2019.7.3 - This release focuses on patching up some bugs, and adding some general improvements to the helpdesk.

Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • CH-2553    Snippet and Macro browser console errors addressed
  • CH-2233    Only correct departments shown in new ticket form between multiple brands
  • CH-2606    Error output when deleting an agent fixed
  • CH-2658    Contact form doesn't show fields that depend on Department selection
  • CH-1588    Improved reliability of import tasks in the admin area
  • CH-1337    Headings in the left agent filter columns have been made more responsive to width
  • CH-756    Added more ticket fields missing from PDF export/print out
  • CH-2509    Link to custom logo across multibrand was broken
  • CH-2284    "Clean selection formatting" cross icon is not working on "Ticket"
  • CH-2492    PNG file of new languages pt-PT and pt-BR does not exist
  • CH-2630    Fixed a broken "Send Message" icon in the cloud
  • CH-2634    Email sources have account set to null if processed via dp:process-email command
  • CH-1876    User side chat reply text doesn't wrap correctly in the text box in Edge and IE
  • CH-795    Send Message shortcut does not clear textbox after actioning
  • CH-2375    Browser timeout when submitting ticket in IE11
  • CH-759    Custom field layouts in the portal side new ticket form were not responding dynamically
  • CH-874    Macro not setting pre-defined custom fields entries in tickets
  • CH-2333    Add chat logs to make it easier to debug chat issues
  • CH-2398    Cannot change 'organization_manager' property (People) via API (V2).
  • CH-1851    Unable to select User or Organization Labels in Trigger criteria
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