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Show total no. Open tickets rather than Total tickets for users - Phản hồi / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Show total no. Open tickets rather than Total tickets for users Finished

Currently it shows total tickets when a user logs into the user portal but could be beneficial to just show total Open tickets. 

Official response

Lara Proud

With the Help Center update, the My Tickets area will now be split into three different sections depending on the status of the tickets: You need to respond (Awaiting User), We will respond (Awaiting Agent/Pending) and Resolved (Resolved). The count of tickets in each status is at the top of each section to make it clear how many tickets there are. And when a users has tickets to respond to, the display will only show the number of tickets that require their response and not the count for all tickets they have raised.

Comments (3)

Thomas Mangin
Having both in a open/total presentation would give the best of both word
Thomas Goulet
The count on the user portal shows total tickets including those solved.

It would be more helpful is this just showed open tickets.

Aled Treharne

I'd like to see a change to the ticket counter on the userinfo block (top right block on the user-facing pages). It currently says: 'View your N tickets' Where N is the total number of tickets I've ever raised. I'd prefer it to say 'View your N open tickets'. Also, I'd like to add two entries: View all tickets, ever View N tickets waiting for me - these should be tickets in 'Waiting customer'.