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Removal of support for Internet Explorer 9 - Nyheter / Product - Deskpro Support

Dec 7 2016

Removal of support for Internet Explorer 9


Internet Explorer 9, released by Microsoft on March 14th, 2011, will no longer be supported by DeskPRO. This is for both On-Premise and Cloud users. This is in line with Microsoft's announcement in early 2016 to end support (including security updates) for old versions of Internet Explorer. More information on this here.

End of support means that DeskPRO will not fix any bugs related to Internet Explorer 9. This also means that the agent and admin interfaces will not work optimally when using Internet Explorer 9. 

Why the change?

Browsers as an external technology, can influence the features and services that DeskPRO offers. These older browsers often lack support for new web technologies as well as the latest security updates from Microsoft. This change therefore allows us to use modern browser technologies to give you and your users the best DeskPRO experience possible- as well as add awesome new features!

What to do if you are using IE 9 or earlier

You need to upgrade to a more modern web browser. If you would like to or have to stick with a Microsoft browser, we would recommend Internet Explorer 11. If you are using Windows 10 you also have the option of updating to Microsoft Edge. These browsers will offer you improved security and an improved user experience.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are two other alternative browser options you could try out. These browsers are popular with many software providers including us! 

If you hae any questions please contact us at support@deskpro.com 



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