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nov. 17 2015

Deskpro Security Incident


A couple of weeks ago, a file leakage vulnerability was discovered by a third-party security researcher doing an internal audit.

This issue was reported privately by a responsible professional and we are confident that it was never "in the wild". We have no evidence that this bug was ever applied by a malicious user on any helpdesk.

Affected Script

The vulnerability was found in a helper script (app/sys/scripts/testfile.php) used by our automated testing framework. It was meant for use by our QA tools and served no purpose in production. This affected DeskPRO On-Premise helpdesks (not Cloud) using builds between 323 and 425.

This file and other types of internal system tools (such as diagnostic tools) are not accessible directly. They are only accessible through a specific "loader" URL. The "loader" was patched to disable access to the testfile.php script thereby fixing the vulnerability.


  • 28th Oct 2015 10:46 GMT: Issue was reported
  • 28th Oct 2015 11:15 GMT: An updated distribution was released
  • 28th Oct 2015 12:08 GMT: We began to send emails to on-site customers
  • 30th Oct 2015 16:54 GMT: A follow-up email was sent to customers who had not upgraded yet
  • 17th Nov 2015 15:00 GMT: This posting was made public


Securing your helpdesk

If you have not already, you must upgrade your DeskPRO helpdesk to the latest version. If you are using a version older than 426, then you are affected and must upgrade to remain safe.


Now is also a good time to read our security guide in our sysadmin manual:

This guide goes over a few methods to add extra security to your On-Premise installation.

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