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Deskpro Horizon Release 2024.23 - Nyheter / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

juni 4 2024

Deskpro Horizon Release 2024.23


We’re thrilled to announce the release of Deskpro Horizon, version 2024.23.0. This release brings two new apps, along with several bug fixes which will enhance product functionality.

New Features

Enhance Apple Device Management with the Jamf Pro App

Empower your IT team with Jamf Pro for Apple Device Asset Management. The integration allows you to deploy, secure, and configure Macs, iPads, iPhones, and Apple TVs efficiently to streamline your management and support workflows like never before.

Jamf Release.png

Elevate Customer Engagement with the Klaviyo App

With Deskpro’s Klaviyo integration, you can automate your marketing processes and seamlessly connect your data to Deskpro for better customer engagement and management.

Klaviyo Release.png

Alongside your help desk, streamline your email and SMS campaigns, segmentation, automation, and analytics with your data easily accessible in Deskpro for more efficient campaign and client management.

Bug Fixes

🐛 We have fixed the erroneous field validation behaviour, allowing for the seamless creation of Recurring Tickets (SC 147504).

🐛 Corrected the admin auth pages to display the Deskpro Database auth source for instances migrated from Deskpro Legacy (SC 149874).

🐛 Resolved issues with Community Notifications:

  • Subscribed users will now receive email notifications when the status of Community topics changes (SC 141664).

  • Agents creating topics via the agent interface will now trigger email notifications to subscribed users (SC 145711).

🐛 Resolved an issue where dependent fields required on resolution would cause a validation error when not visible on the ticket form (SC 148478).

🐛 Fixed the 'Run now' button for macros that change ticket status, ensuring it works correctly with required resolution fields (SC 145525).

🐛 Resolved an issue with the usergroup drawer, allowing admins to manage the “Can re-open resolved tickets” permission (SC 150759).

🐛 Improved the Notification app behavior so agents can click on notifications to open tickets directly after the ticket preview menu displays (SC 148359).

On-Premise Controller Release 2.18.0

We are also delighted to announce the latest version of the OPC, 2.18.0 This version includes new features and some general improvements that will provide an increased level of administrator capabilities.

Latest Improvements

💅 Enable defaults to be set for making backups when an instance is upgraded (SC 153484).

Bug Fixes

🐛 Fix the randomness of pin generation for OPC login (SC 153782).

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