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juni 26 2015

DeskPRO Build #407 Released


We are pleased to announce a new release of the DeskPRO helpdesk platform, build #407.

The following is an automatically generated list of changes in this release:

  • NEW Ability to start a new ticket with an internal agent note instead of a message to the user
  • NEW Syncing of usersource data for supported sources (LDAP/ActiveDirectory, MySQL)
  • NEW Admin: New triggers that test if an email is a bounce or if it is an auto-reply/robot
  • NEW JIRA: added mapping for "Components" and "Affected Versions"
  • IMPROVED Admin: Deleting custom choice fields is handled better with confirmations and ability to move existing values
  • FIX Agent: Pasting images into chat would not send properly
  • FIX Portal: Numbered lists did not appear properly in KB articles
  • FIX If query logging is enabled, sometimes a PHP notice might occur
  • FIX Admin: UI for defining filters with date criteria was broken
  • FIX Admin: Missing delete button on feedback categories
  • FIX Possible PHP errors to do with password resets
  • FIX Improper criteria of work days on SLAs in some cases for Monday or Sunday
  • FIX The 'minute' option on default working hours was not being persisted properly
  • FIX Admin: Missing autocomplete on label triggers
  • FIX Agent: Searching for the ID of a deleted ticket did not list it in search results
  • FIX Portal: Chat transcripts being sent in the wrong language
  • FIX Admin: 'Test' for Office365 accounts always failed
  • FIX Agent: Double-clicking a ticket row would open then immediately close a ticket due to toggle behaviour
  • FIX API: 404 status code being returned in auth/permission error cases. 403 is now returned.
  • FIX Agent: Links inserted through replies are now opened in new windows
  • FIX Admin: Possible flood of console messages in admin interface due to bug in code editor
  • FIX Admin: Some sections may fail to load if using non-English with missing translated phrases
  • FIX Agent: 'Change user' action used to require merge permission, now requires CC management
  • FIX Portal: KB suggestions on newticket now take into account search words
  • FIX Admin: UI of org trigger criteria for is set/is not set
  • FIX Agent: Very long lines of text did not wrap and would go off the page
  • FIX Admin: Pre-defined icons for teams and agents did not work
  • FIX Agent: Edge-case where an agent might not have permission to reply to their own ticket
  • FIX Agent: You could not edit/delete newly added billing/time rows
  • FIX Agent: Multiple issues to do with setting phone numbers on profiles
  • FIX Gateway: Bounce replies from mailers would cause the mailers to be added as CCs
  • FIX Gateway: Bounce replies from mailers would be added as replies instead of hidden notes
  • FIX Admin: Saving an agent could produce error about the email already being in use
  • FIX API: /tickets/{ticket_id}/logs would error
  • FIX Usersources: Possible issues with LDAP/AD on some servers

This update has been rolled out to all Cloud customers.

If you are using DeskPRO On-Premise, you can update your installation from the admin interface.

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