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jan. 8 2015

DeskPRO Build #386 Released


We are pleased to announce a new release of the DeskPRO helpdesk platform, build #386.

The following is an automatically generated list of changes in this release:

  • NEW "Send welcome email" option when creating new user.
  • NEW You can now specify permissions on apps that add UI widgets to the agent interface
  • IMPROVEMENT Optimized filter checking logic.
  • IMPROVEMENT You can now fine-tune who can create new labels by permissions (before it was just an on/off setting that affected all agents)
  • IMPROVEMENT Render KB articles in Agent Interface even when Portal is disabled.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added IMAP and SOAP server checks
  • FIX When using ActiveDirectory, possible incorrect email address on login form when following ticket permalink from an email
  • FIX Standard "friendly identity" names for LDAP/ActiveDirectory
  • FIX LDAP: Logging in with an email address did not work (only username was accepted)
  • FIX Admin: Saving an agent would remove any custom usergroups set on that agent
  • FIX (API) Fix some duplicate key errors that could happen during newticket when multiple requests for a new user are executed concurrently
  • FIX Server errors during API calls would not return a proper error result
  • FIX Endpoints for News section
  • FIX Email: Fix rare cases of quote markers not being detected properly if the marker line was mangled/encoded improperly
  • FIX Admin: Adding a custom sidebar block would become uneditable if no content was visible (e.g., it is just a script tag, hidden by CSS, etc)
  • FIX Agent: Sorting option for urgency was hidden in some cases depending on where/when a custom filter was saved
  • FIX Resetting password did not clear existing sessions in some cases
  • FIX If you disabled the helpdesk and then your admin session was lost, you could not log in again
  • FIX 'touched' criteria for custom fields
  • FIX Feedback rating in Ticket changelog email
  • FIX Server checks for opcache
  • FIX Show IDs for department triggers on ticket update
  • FIX All layouts are on by default when creating a new field
  • FIX "Only show when there is a value" option in Layout Editor
  • FIX Admin: When using SLAs with custom work hours which defined custom work days, those days were not applied correctly
  • FIX API: Searching people on contact fields such as address, phone or im would cause PHP notice if an array was supplied
  • FIX Improve search results using MySQL searcher for non-English languages
  • FIX ElasticSearch: Improve search results on publish content (especially with non-English languages)
  • FIX bmp image files did not show inline
  • FIX Agent: Agents might show up in 'online for chat' menu even if they dont have permission to use chat
  • FIX In batch task, auto-unassign of a ticket assigned to a deleted agent did not update search index
  • FIX When a ticket becomes awaiting agent and it is assigned to a deleted agent, it should be unassigned using usual update procedures so client messages are sent to connected agents
  • FIX When viewing tickets in ticket list or ticket view and the ticket belongs to a deleted agent, it would appear as 'unassigned'
  • FIX Checksum checker would complain about missing README file
  • FIX Agent: Editing usergroups on an agent from the agent interface would remove any agent groups they were a member of
  • FIX Agent: Long strings in messages would go off-screen instead of wrap
  • FIX Agent: Inserting snippets via shortcode did not work on newticket
  • FIX Admin: PHP warning when saving agent override perms
  • FIX Admin: Description for default value on categories, priorities, workflows and products
  • FIX Admin: "No default" value did not display correctly for categories, workflows, priorities and products.
  • FIX Admin: When editing SLAs, clarify time option when using working hours
  • FIX Agent: Forward overlay did not let you select user emails in the To field
  • FIX Add last ticket message to JIRA new issue form description field

We will begin rolling out this update to the cloud soon. This post will be updated once all cloud sites have been updated.

If you are using DeskPRO download, you can update your installation from the admin interface.

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