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nov. 21 2012

DeskPRO Build #181 Released


We are pleased to announce a new release of the DeskPRO helpdesk platform, build #181.

The following is an automatically generated list of changes in this release:

  • Fix timeago time for times under 120 minutes
  • User page caching system that cuts out significantly more overhead and allows logging. (Configured via config.php.)
  • ArrayFileCache stores serialized data instead of var_export'd data, adds slam defense
  • Fix 'registered' member count in admin including agents
  • Add comment counts to news list
  • fix possible call to undefined
  • Fix agent-created new tickets not sending attachments
  • Fix chat titles showing up in reports
  • Show admin notices
  • Simple spam trap to newticket form
  • Fix display of multi-level fields in layout editor rules popup
  • Fix newticket layout rules for prod/cat/pri, and fix 2levelselect not properly unsetting selected option when choosing a top-level with no child-option
  • Invalidate the page cache when editing templates via the admin.
  • With the page caching system, add system to allow users to be exempt from using the cache if they make a change (as a guest), so they don't get confused when their changes don't appear. Invalidate certain cache entries when articles, downloads, or feedback are updated by agents.
  • Only skip caching on the chat widget.
  • Need to write session if it was opened within a light loader

If you are using the cloud version of DeskPRO, your account will have already been updated or will be updated within the next 24-48 hours.

If you are using DeskPRO download, you can update your installation from the admin interface.

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