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nov. 14 2012

DeskPRO Build #176 Released


We are pleased to announce a new release of the DeskPRO helpdesk platform, build #176.

The following is an automatically generated list of changes in this release:

  • Fix couple of 'of null' type JS errors
  • Fix Twitter usersource
  • Fix html snippets not showing newlines when expanding preview
  • Few tweaks to procmail and procmail-retry commands:
  • Fix some issues with IE8 displaying agent pages.
  • Split the HTML5 shiv out as it must always be included in the head tag. (This improves IE8 rendering in certain places.)
  • Reset timeout when sending email to prevent possible max exec time issues
  • Fix path to template
  • Prevent error from the RTE if it's been destroyed before triggering certain actions.
  • Improve pasting into the RTE in IE.
  • Update the Redactor RTE to fix some issues.
  • Ensure that SLA triggers are removed with the SLA.
  • Allow SLAs to be searched in the advanced ticket search.
  • Fix date terms not showing proper results
  • Fix some rgba backgrounds that wont work in IE8
  • Init empty console object for IE8 that doesnt have it
  • Allow the individual SLA counts to be clicked to take you to a list page of that SLA status specifically.
  • Allow the SLAs on a ticket to be displayed in ticket lists.
  • Allow SLAs to be filtered down to a specific agent/team and whether the requirements of the SLA have been completed in the ticket section list. Support updating SLA count totals when an SLA, agent, or team is updated on a ticket.
  • Add ability for AjaxChanneler to give priority to specific messages, solves possible race condition with remove/update ticket
  • Fix no perm error showing when it shouldnt
  • Tweaks around deleting/banning user making it more clear what will happen and what will be deleted.
  • Add new default agent perm group for all non-destructive permissions
  • Add note about power of delete
  • Better language on merge user overlay to expalin what will happen
  • Prevent deleting agents from agent interface
  • Add missing slas property on Person
  • Add better logging to procmail, add retry ability
  • Dont use entities when inserting queue items
  • Add support for managing SLAs with tickets.
  • Log memory usage in slow page logger
  • Fix 'ticket updated' emails missing last reply
  • Fix possible error with cleaning up text nodes
  • Force database host to be non-localhost when using Windows
  • Add way to hook into jquery remove/empty to run cleanup code, timeago properly cleans up watched elements
  • Better summary string for set_initial_from_name action
  • Fix default department permissions
  • Fix logged notice when adding account
  • Clean up trigger actions options a bit
  • Try to explain possible reasons for empty uploads
  • Fix no perm message showing when it wasnt a no perm error
  • Dont log POP3 password in error log
  • Include ID matching on fulltext ('enter key') search as well
  • Fix clearing due date causing error
  • Move portal 'global settings' into settings page, clean up display of custom templates in template list
  • Add links to ticket layout editor
  • Have portal tabs overflow column in portal admin if column too narrow
  • Fix notice that broke regular template editor
  • Make picture_blob_id not unique, thereby fixing issue with merging user who has a picture
  • Add quick way to change title of department field
  • Clean up 'settings' menu
  • Show triggers using custom template variants
  • Fix greeting line
  • Fix couple more email trigger bugs
  • Fix action names, add actions to send arbitrary emails
  • Trigger actions for setting templates
  • Fix basic html clean (fixes bad markup) not being run on 'full' message after it had been clipped. If an email was clipped, then there was a possibility that there could be unclosed tags which may cause the ticket tab to render badly.
  • Allow creation of arbitrary custom templates'
  • Add search in templates
  • Add overlay phrase editor to email editor toolbar
  • Fix opening overlay template editor more than once
  • Fix setting linked dep from edit gateway page
  • Fix changes to gateways associated transport not saving
  • Fix RestrictionSet adding file ext with spaces
  • Creating new variations, deleting them
  • Agent notifications shouldnt default to name of replier (uses trigger for that)
  • Add 'variations' to email templates
  • Phrase edit opens when cursor within phrase name part rather than entire phrase tag
  • Support adding new phrases from template editor
  • Fix case on 'OAuth' namespace
  • Move titles/desc out into lang so they can be re-used easily on multiple pages
  • Add revert button to email template editor
  • More changes around email template editing. - Clean up listing pages a bit with titles and descriptions - Editing templates done from own page - Clicking phrase allows you to edit the phrase - Can now click 'Edit Template' on the embedded template tips
  • Use replace when importing dp3 email uid's. DP3 did not enforce uniqueness and there could possibly be duplicates.
  • Fix padding on bottom of listing cell when no display fields are enabled
  • Precent actions defined in macros from being applied if agent does not have permission to perform them
  • Fix sub-products not being ordered on newticket
  • Fix children_ordered on objects without getChildrenOrdered causing error
  • Improve accuracy of pastes from plain text sources into the agent RTE.
  • Fix deleted tickets scrollbar weirdness due to bad css classname
  • Fix title of ticket message template in admin listing always showing as 'untitled'
  • Fix deleting labels not updating the 'all' count
  • Fix order by when grouping variable is set
  • Correct ticket departments
  • Fix error being triggered when automatically billing tickets during a reply.
  • Fix massactions showing chat deps, and completely remove 'old way' of getting departments
  • Work around template editing
  • Add CodeMirror
  • Use simple placeholder for user reply
  • Fix a few display issues in new emails. - Move included templates into emails_common. All templates in emails_agent and emails_user must be actual full emails (e.g., complete bodies with subjects etc). The template pre-processor is run on them.
  • Simplifying of email templates
  • Changes to phrase variable handling. - phrase() template function now uses current context for variables. This means if a variable exists in scope, you dont need to name it explicitly in the second parameter. - Translate::replaceVarsInString is able to resolve "dotted" variable names to array keys or object properties. For example, a variable {{ticket.id}} will properly resolve to $vars['ticket']['id']
  • Add viewers for currently active background tasks to a few admin interface pages, including ensuring that currently running CSV imports always show on the list. Add a viewer for the task queue logs. Clean up completed task queue log entries after 2 weeks.

If you are using the cloud version of DeskPRO, your account will have already been updated or will be updated within the next 24-48 hours.

If you are using DeskPRO download, you can update your installation from the admin interface.

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