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nov. 7 2012

DeskPRO Build #172 Released


We are pleased to announce a new release of the DeskPRO helpdesk platform, build #172.

The following is an automatically generated list of changes in this release:

  • Tweaks to phrases on outgoing email setup
  • Add delete link to trigger listing
  • Add build script to ensure default triggers
  • Fade out and show label for linked departments already in use in select2 menu
  • Add delete button to gateway lists
  • Rip out all old 'backup transport' functions
  • Some minor style tweaks to cloud gateway management, add forwarded addresses form, remove backup outgoing options
  • Improve the display of the plugins list.
  • Allow tickets to be automatically locked when an agent views them (and unlocked when they stop). Locks can also automatically time out, defaulting to timing out after an hour.
  • Make it clearer that agent status is lost when merging an agent into a regular user.
  • Make sure there's a progress indicator when deleting a ticket or marking it as spam.
  • Improve the appearance of tabs when wrapping to multiple lines.
  • Small display tweaks to ticket lists in person and org profile
  • Fix ticket rows after 'more tickets' missing id
  • Fade out disabled users in user list when viewing org profile
  • Dont count disabled users in org count
  • Import 'keep messages on server' settings/ids
  • Option to keep messages on server
  • Add a department permission that controls whether users can create/assign tickets to a department, even if they can't view the contents.
  • Fix consumable token name on embedded newticket form
  • Fix using string timezone instead of DateTimeZone
  • Removing ticket not remoing from lists
  • Proper date format on notify rows
  • Fix some issues with TimeAgo that could cause it to show blank or wrong time
  • Fix bad news title wrapping
  • Fix URLs generated from CLI having /index.php/ portion sometimes when they shouldnt
  • Missing types for Dp3Ldap usersource
  • Send instant-click feedback rating as ajax request. This prevents some malware scanners that visit links in emails from submitting feedback by 'clicking' on the links.
  • Fix ticket feedback on/off setting not applying in interfaces/emails
  • Log case where cloned ticket log ticket entity is persisted
  • Default fields to empty string to prevent null
  • Fix add reply action not having agent context
  • Set default time limit on WorkerJobCommand
  • Log but dont report warnings about failed open streams in filesystem storage
  • Improve ticket billing to allow the timer to be paused and restarted.
  • Support adding a ticket billing charge when creating a new ticket
  • When pasting into the agent RTE, ensure that paragraphs are separated properly (with 2 line breaks).
  • Start on gateway management changes
  • If cron script, show CLI output about error and also a different message if not using CLI PHP
  • Fix error relating to importing small CSV files.
  • Allow draft lifetime to be configured via advanced settings.
  • Improve signature detection with the agent RTE.
  • Fix Person::TERM_EMAIL_DOMAIN term when operator is/not instead of contains/notcontains, fix custom field trigger match on newticket because fields saved after trigger criteria run
  • Add support for organization managers. Managers can access/modfiy/reply to all tickets belonging to their organization. They can choose to be automatically CC'd into all tickets created for their organization as well.
  • Fix muting new chat notification even when chat away status was not set to away
  • Fix when account has no validated email address
  • Fix notification tray being off by three pixels when open
  • Show max attach size
  • Fix custom phrases link
  • Fix custom phrases link
  • Add country calling code to phone number input
  • Add country calling code data to Countries
  • Add additional error checking to the Highrise and Salesforce plugins.
  • Workaround Chrome bug where pressing enter in the RTE does not work correctly.
  • Ensure that search result links show the correct URL before clicking.
  • Give more details and guidance when some database connection errors happen.
  • Add a generic text cutter to catch most 'On X Y wrote:' type headers
  • URL correction (domain/https) tweaks. - Enabled for all interfaces - If you update the helpdesk URL, the URL is verified before being saved. - Added config setting to disable it for troubleshooting
  • Add bit to mysqlinfo page to show changes in schema, if any
  • Fix ticket lock button being hidden
  • Fix a few 'method's that should be 'type's
  • Disable automatic restore in upgrade that is not well tested cross-platform
  • Support shift+cmd+left/right on Mac Firefox in the RTE.
  • Workaround RTE paste bug in Firefox.
  • Fix predefined labels not loading if there were more than 300.
  • Route marked as post when it shouldnt
  • When displaying users by user group, include users in groups they've received via their organization.
  • Show message history in ticket property update emails to agents.
  • Ensure that omnisearch results are sorted by relevancy.
  • Load ticket snippets overlay from the top when loading from mass actions.
  • Add agent options to control whether ticket tabs are closed by default when replying or adding a note.

If you are using the cloud version of DeskPRO, your account will have already been updated or will be updated within the next 24-48 hours.

If you are using DeskPRO download, you can update your installation from the admin interface.

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