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Deskpro Horizon Release 2022.21.0 - News / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

мај 24 2022

Deskpro Horizon Release 2022.21.0

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Improved ticket filtering functionality for Agents

We are pleased to announce our latest release which includes the addition of our new List Builder.

We have been working hard to continuously improve the power and functionality of filtering tickets in Deskpro. This feature gives Agents the ability to create Lists of queries, simplifying the process of creating ticket lists. An advanced builder is also available in the filter header.

List Builder (SC 72315 & SC 72181)

The list builder lets agents easily create custom ticket lists for their own, or global, use, it operates using simple query filters so that there is no need to use code to create search filters. Agents can then go back to these filters as needed to generate lists of tickets that match the specific criteria.

The list builder uses intuitive ‘is/is-not’ filter options which enable agents to quickly create highly specific ticket lists based on a number of query fields that will be saved on their lists tab. To access this feature, go to the primary drop-down on the navigation panel in the ticketing interface, from here you will be able to generate new list queries.

This feature enables agents to make full use of the filtering functionality that already exists in Deskpro in a more simple manner, for both personal and global ticket lists.

See above the intuitive drop-down ‘is/is-not’ filter that agents can use to create ticket lists, they can either select from the options or search for the specific query they want.

Other new features in this release

💫 You can now create tickets by sending WhatsApp messages (SC 68675).

💫 We’ve added the ability to merge agent accounts (SC 58144)

💫 Implemented increased monitoring for failed inbound SMS and WhatsApp messages (SC 68097)

💫 You can now see the number of ‘views’ on guide pages in the agent interface (SC 59585)

The improvements we’ve made

💅 We’ve improved the responsiveness of the UI, so the data stays up to date with changes and reduces the need to refresh (SC 71927).

💅 We’ve improved the visibility of chat conversations in the Help Center ticket list so you can easily see the most recent chats from your profile (SC 70640).

💅 For On-Premise customers, when defining a brand’s domain you can select from domains configured in your OPC (SC 71439).

💅 You no longer need to save breadcrumb categories for Help Center content, they will update inline (SC 61163).

💅 We’ve updated the phrase descriptions for permission groups to add clarity (SC 56218).

💅 We’ve streamlined the agent experience for approving or disapproving community topics, newly submitted topics are now visible in table view without needing to refresh (SC 58769).

💅 We have made the process of splitting a ticket clearer, by adding better loading indicators (SC 60440).

💅 We’ve improved the look of the drop-down selectors on the email template editor (SC 62827).

💅 For OPC customers, key information such as helpdesk logo and license status is displayed per instance (SC 71440).

💅 We’ve added pages in Admin for you to activate SMS and WhatsApp! (SC71141)

Bugs that have been fixed in this release

🐛 You can now access ticket translation tools directly from the ticket reply box (SC 72080).

🐛 If you don’t have Voice set up you will be directed to activate a Voice account when trying to access SMS and WhatsApp (SC 71141).

🐛 Fixed an issue where the Saved Searches page for News didn’t load if it contained Searches that were created by agents who were then converted into users. Also, fixed grouping, filtering, and ordering by permission for the table (SC 72140).

🐛 The reply channel will now render where a ticket has no Twitter message history (SC 71328).

🐛 The correct recipient will now display on the outbound Twitter ticket log (SC 71988).

🐛 Fixed UI bug that stopped users from being able to turn off ‘Only if’ Login action (SC 67396).

🐛 Resolved an issue where the incorrect expiry date was displaying on the billing dashboard (SC 72327)

🐛 We’ve fixed the way that number fields display (SC 65514).

🐛 Users who are logged in and submit a ticket through the Help Center form will now be processed as registered users so any triggers for the registered users’ usergroup will run (SC 71811).

🐛 You are now able to set up a custom brand domain (SC 68633).

🐛 We have improved validation on our user forms, so banned email domains will not be able to submit tickets and become a user on the helpdesk (SC 65395).

🐛 It is now not possible to send an empty email or note, which was previously occurring when agents had their signature enabled (SC 64565).

🐛 When going into guides the navigation won’t collapse when the guide loads (SC 72612).

🐛 The new user form can be closed by clicking cancel and when an invalid email is added an error will display to prompt the agent to add or delete the input (SC 67595).

🐛 When looking at a user’s profile you will be able to use the pagination to navigate the list of their tickets, this has also been fixed for organization profiles (SC 64315).

🐛 When @mentioning another agent with a link, the links will display correctly in Agent IM. (SC 65960).

🐛 When social channel tickets are deleted, the action will be displayed in the history log (SC 70448).

🐛 You will only be able to see phone numbers that have SMS capabilities in the SMS setup (SC 69435).

🐛 You can now copy and paste HTML content into the Help Center editor and it won’t disappear (SC 68567)

🐛 The table editor controls will no longer remain on the screen when you move to a different tab (SC 61525).

🐛 Fixed validation when an admin edits a brand’s default department settings (SC 66511).

🐛 Fixed the display state for when a brand has been deliberately set up with no default department (SC 59822).

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