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авг 8 2013

DeskPRO Build #283 Released

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We are pleased to announce a new release of the DeskPRO helpdesk platform, build #283.

The following is an automatically generated list of changes in this release:

  • NEW New scrollbar handler, improves reliability of scrolling on mobile and touch devices
  • NEW Joomla plugin that provides a new usersource and SSO features
  • NEW New permission for viewing chat transcripts so agents without chatting permission can still view ended chats (e.g., linked from profiles or tickets).
  • NEW Admins and agents can add multiple email addresses to agent accounts
  • NEW SLA quick-stat report on reports Overview page, default reports for SLAs
  • NEW Tool from Languages section of admin interface to mass-update language on tickets and people
  • NEW You can now enable user KB subscriptions. Users are notified via email when new articles are published in their subscribed categories or when any of their subscribed articles are updated.
  • NEW Agents with permission can delete messages in tickets
  • IMPROVEMENT View options in agent interface are reflected in the URL, allowing you to create a link/bookmark to a specific view
  • IMPROVEMENT Scrollbar enlarges when you place your mouse cursor close to the edge, making it easier to grab the draggable track
  • IMPROVEMENT Ticket log is paginated (reduces initial load time on large tickets)
  • IMPROVEMENT Bounced messages now check email attachments (common with bounce notices) for ref codes so the bounce notice can be attached to the proper ticket.
  • IMPROVEMENT Renaming labels from admin interface also renames them within triggers, filters and macros
  • IMPROVEMENT SLA "traffic lights" colours are more readable, 0 counts are faded
  • IMPROVEMENT Pressing enter/return in quick-search box will immediately send search request
  • IMPROVEMENT Login log also logs auto-logins via "remember me" cookies
  • IMPROVEMENT Pasting images from clipboard into KB articles will save the image instead of just inserting a data-url which can cause articles to become very large (which makes them take longer to save and download)
  • IMPROVEMENT Mass-actions reply box is now using the same rich-text editor as ticket view
  • FIX Allowing agents to CC in helpdesk addresses from the reply form
  • FIX Sending chat to a team would send messages even to disabled agents
  • FIX Sending agent chat message to a team could potentially send the message to a deleted agent if they were part of that team
  • FIX Inserting link to KB article into ticket reply using quick-insert buttons would insert at the proper cursor position
  • FIX Using mouse wheel to scroll long reply in ticket textarea would scroll whole page instead
  • FIX Auto-saved KB drafts when editing would be restored on other articles other than the one it was saved for
  • FIX List tab header not updating to show a count of '0' when all items removed from list
  • FIX Value alignment in agent hours when viewing a date range
  • FIX Very long emails were not always being cut, which could result in memory errors with hosts that have memory limits
  • FIX "reset password" not working for users who did not already have a password (e.g., profiles that were created via the email gateway)
  • FIX Warning/incorrect backup locations being reported from manually-run upgrade when backup options enabled
  • FIX Dates on login log always showing today
  • FIX Fix URL on "log in as agent" showing the log rather than actually logging you in
  • FIX Some images in CSS being generated dynamically through file.php instead of being generated at build-time
  • FIX Deleting attachments from tickets would not actually delete the attachment
  • FIX Creating new templates in triggers for 'send email to agent' did not pre-select the correct option when going back ot edit
  • FIX Custom agent templates not listed in Agent Emails listing
  • FIX Using 'send email to agent' or 'send email to user' action in an SLA did not save properly
  • FIX Possible query error in fetching message translations when using translator plugin
  • FIX PHP warning when using API to send new ticket/update with custom fields with an array value
  • FIX Character set on object_lang might be incorrect
  • FIX Some escalations not being logged to ticket log when the escalation did not change any ticket properties (e.g., only sent an email without modifying any propeties)
  • FIX Wrapping of count badges on long filter names
  • FIX Snippets in mass-actions
  • FIX Uploading attachments using mass-actions reply
  • FIX Trigger action "Send user an email asking for feedback" did not send from the proper "from" address used for the ticket, always falling back on the first account defined

If you are using the cloud version of DeskPRO, your account will have already been updated or will be updated within the next 24-48 hours.

If you are using DeskPRO download, you can update your installation from the admin interface.

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