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нов 16 2012

DeskPRO Build #179 Released

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We are pleased to announce a new release of the DeskPRO helpdesk platform, build #179.

The following is an automatically generated list of changes in this release:

  • Add agent creation from onboarding section
  • Add 'search' to bottom of onboarding
  • Separate out JS and templates, some updates to onboarding
  • Small API bug fixes.
  • Minor SLA cleanup and usability improvement.
  • Action to mass-add agents
  • Add proper summaries for actions that change notifications
  • Fix editing a template changing trigger resetting the template
  • Add a bit more logging to notification template actions, fix setting reply template from trigger
  • Fix summary text for 'from name set to name of user'
  • Fix trigger setting custom new ticket by agent email
  • Fix agent created tickets not using the new-ticket-agent template
  • Missing ticketlog list in updated email
  • Dont show the error page behind no permission popup
  • Log specific agent ids in detect filter log
  • Add new agent permission for managing ticket SLAs.
  • Allow SLAs to be managed via the API.
  • Add deskpro link to chat window
  • Get rid of white line
  • Links in chat open in a new window
  • Add link to rejections to cloud email accounts list
  • Fixes to weirdness in portal and portal editor in some restricted permission schemes
  • Fix removing welcome block not actually removing it
  • Fix showing link to helpdesk when portal disabled
  • Make sure if a usergroup has no department permissions, that the permission to to use the app (tickets/chat) is toggled off as well
  • Fix incorrect organization manager block when editing your profile.
  • Prevent deleting the last department
  • Upgrade script to fix missing department
  • Simple count() method on Connection class
  • Prevent moving tickets into chat deps when deleting a department
  • Fix selecting the correct value of a two level select in certain cases.
  • Ensure that the SLA section is only refreshed once per set of messages.
  • Double check that the RTE is still initialized before attempting to access the editor.
  • Show standard ajax error if failed during ticket reply submit
  • Fix phrase from context notice
  • Fix message size being compared after message being read
  • Log cron run times
  • Add dismissable onboarding list to admin dash
  • Update the SLA lists to display the tickets in order of their SLA severity and how soon the next stage is going to trigger. Display the next SLA trigger time on the list if displaying SLA info.
  • Update the SLA list display as soon as a ticket might need to be removed from/added to it or updated.
  • Add SLAs to filter criteria.
  • Make the SLA counts in the agent view only reflect SLA timers that are "currently ticking" (awaiting user/agent or just agent, depending on SLA type, and requirements not completed). Also, improve updating of SLAs dynamically when various ticket changes happen.
  • Make the SLA counts on the left column lighter and differentiate for when there is a ticket in a warning/fail state and there isn't.
  • Add shift+t to jump to the top of current tab
  • Replace optionbox on tasks with slightly modified select2
  • Fix popovers not firing activate event
  • Fix pressing 'enter' with a complete email address to select user on newticket not properly setting the user in the form, making the form complain about no user being selected.
  • Fix 'Template' row on newticket not properly hiding if none enabeled for selected department
  • More responsive scroll when replybox changes. Also improve efficiency of scrollbar update by ignoring areas that arent currently visible, getting rid of closure loop
  • Small tweak to welcome box style
  • Fix position of new feedback counter
  • (future proof) sendUpdates in QueryListener shouldnt queue up other updates
  • Add ticket logs when SLA status or completion changes.
  • Stop state saver when submitting new article to prevent state being saved even while article is sent off for submit
  • Add inline contact form to admin
  • Cleanup 'welcome back' box in admin
  • Use same template editor for email 'layout' templates
  • Support auto updating SLA-related information in the list and content panes.
  • Add icons displaying the current SLA status to the SLAs tab header on ticket view.
  • Ensure the "SLA completed" icon displays properly even when the agent can't remove the SLA.
  • Add 'view default' and 'reset' buttons to email editor toolbars
  • Simplify footer template
  • Fix label input not clearing your last input
  • Fix possible collisions with save prefs if two prefs are saved at same time
  • Add couple other default triggers to set 'From' name on agent emails to 'Helpdesk' or 'Department' (disabled)
  • Add a default SLA if there aren't any to improve discovery of the feature.
  • When sending an email related to a ticket change caused by an SLA failure/warning, make it clear that it was the SLA that triggered the change and include the warning/failure state in the subject.
  • Don't attempt to display information about the performer in an agent notification if there isn't one.
  • Fix calculation of yesterday's SLA graphs.
  • Remove 'new' section of triggers that shouldnt be there
  • Allow phrase texts with linebreaks using textareas
  • Separate default lang from others in phrase code hint
  • Fix preselecte phone type in contact overlay
  • Pass agent sessionid to article agent iframe action
  • When executing a trigger for an SLA, log any changes as being triggered by that SLA (and the status that triggered it).
  • Remove a few trigger actions from SLAs as they don't make sense.
  • Use relative dates when displaying when SLA warning/failure actions will be triggered.
  • Fix display of SLA table in Firefox.
  • Improve SLA editing readability/usability
  • Simplify subjects and greetings
  • Add build to re-compile custom templates. Phrase tag was changed and needs compiled templates to have second parameter for context.

If you are using the cloud version of DeskPRO, your account will have already been updated or will be updated within the next 24-48 hours.

If you are using DeskPRO download, you can update your installation from the admin interface.

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