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окт 9 2017

Deskpro 5.10.4 Release

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We’re delighted to announce the release of Deskpro 5.10.4


Deskpro 5.10.4 includes the feature updates, bug fixes and improvements listed below.



  • Changelog now available for snippets



  • V2 Instant Messaging no longer heavily impacts browser performance


Bug Fixes

  • Adding multiple labels in mass actions no longer merges labels

  • Chat alerts now display in correct agent language regardless of user nationality

  • ‘Delete Comment’ option now working in feedback on the user portal

  • Logging warnings regarding article PDFs on the user portal resolved

  • Using search now no longer breaks agent interface

  • Tasks created in tickets now display correct times

  • ‘Category’ field in ticket view dropdown menu now appearing correctly

  • Portal date widget now uses full locale instead of language only

  • ‘Cog’ used to edit comments on articles and other media now working correctly

  • Users can no longer submit tickets from invalid email address domains

  • Flagging options in mass actions now display custom names and colors of flags correctly

  • ‘Grey bar’ bug when attempting to log in on Deskpro for Android fixed

  • Resetting password after Deskpro Cloud has expired now enabled

  • CRM phone number information updated via API now displaying correctly

  • Custom fields now grouped and displayed correctly

  • Removing usersources now working correctly

  • Hovering over messages in chat now reveals correct name of sender

  • Chat alerts no longer appear for agents with permission to view chats disabled

  • Input ‘{{{}}}’ no longer breaks user interface

  • Macros and snippets now pull preselected CRM information when creating new tickets

  • User profile photos now displaying correctly

  • Problem when applying macros which contain instructions to add response from snippet now resolved

  • Creating new task no longer shows ‘Me’ in place of visibility field

  • Ticket notifications in Gmail now link to the correct destination

  • Fields now displayed correctly during ticket creation in the agent interface

  • Agent ‘@’ notifications now working correctly


If you are using Deskpro Cloud, we will roll out this update to your Helpdesk soon.


If you are using Deskpro On-Premise, you can update your Helpdesk to the latest version from your Admin Interface.

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