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јан 9 2019

Deskpro 2019.1 Release

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We are very happy to announce the release of Deskpro 2019.1. This includes new features and improvements that you can read below. We highly encourage you to upgrade as soon as possible to enjoy the benefits.

DP-2831 Add Brands to Feedback - We have updated Feedback in order to make this brand-specific. This now means that Feedback no longer has to be shared between your brands, and Feedback will only show on relevant portals.

DP-2763 Chat queues - Create chat queues to determine how chats are routed to agents within chat departments. You can now set a maximum chat limit to control how many chats an agent can handle simultaneously.  If all agents are at their maximum capacity, users can wait in a queue until the next representative is available to accept their chat. 

DP-2770 Language sync improvements - We have released a new option that will allow your admin to pull in language pack updates without waiting for the next release. 

This will be especially useful for anyone currently contributing to the language packs, as well as everyone who is using an installed language pack can also visit this page to check on any updates. 

With this new release updating, your installed languages can be done with only a few simple clicks.

DP-2614 Brand slug URLs - We have updated the settings of a new brand so that you are no longer required to create a new custom URL for each additional brand, as now you can have the option of using a slug. This will allow you to use the same main URL and the custom slugs that will be added to the end of this URL will be used to direct you to the portal of your additional brands. 

This should be a useful option for any using certain SSO options as they may only authorize particular URLs, and would lead to issues logging in. 


  • DP-2804 Add a default Report tab (New Report) when creating a new dashboard
  • DP-2821 V2 API: Merge ticket option – Can now merge tickets via the API
  • DP-2593 Padding in tables in news/article editor 10px, updated in order to give tables a better appearance.
  • DP-2598 Language System Updates, involving changing the way that plurals are used.

Defects Fixed

  • DP-2826 Error fixed that would prevent the installing and uninstalling of legacy apps
  • DP-2754 If RunActivatorfails, errors are no longer hidden and Updater is unable to complete
  • DP-2767 When using SAML authentication login controller will direct to Agent URL for Agents
  • DP-2768 Correcting an issue that would prevent the email account form from loading properly when setting up.
  • DP-2820 Knowledgebase attachments will now remain saved within the article until agent chooses to delete it.
  • DP-2827 If a custom Toggle field has been saved as ‘checked’ this can now be reverted.
  • DP-2784 Merging a ticket created before version 2018.3.3 with a ticket created after 2018.3.3 causes a 500 error now fixed
  • DP-489 Fixed an issue that would prevent browser notifications non-ticket related alerts from showing
  • DP-2823 Correcting an error that would require users to be assigned to a brand even when only one brand has been set up.
  • DP-2798 Fixing stat builder errors after react-components update
  • DP-2211 Fix report error and can now export a report from a widget into CSV as well as from stat builder
  • DP-2790 Welcome email now sending from the correct brand that user is assigned to.  
  • DP-2772  Fixed an error that would cause apps to not run correctly when .DS_Store was present in the apps folder.
  • DP-2236 Correcting an issue that would not allow you to access sub-department options in Chat that are not assigned to the default department.
  • DP-1683 Deleted @mentioned agent in notes receives a notification even though their name has been deleted and substituted with another agent's name is fixed
  • DP-2781 Fix fetching emails from email_sources 
  • DP-2773 Files added to People or Orgs are no longer temporary
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