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апр 24 2023

Apply quick actions without even opening a ticket

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We have released a new update to our Ticket Preview feature by adding action buttons that allow you to perform various actions on tickets without opening them.

Ticket Preview Feature Actions 1.png
In addition to the current functionality of moving between the messages in a ticket thread with the buttons at the bottom of the menu. We have added a new row of controls which give you the ability to update the following:

  • Ticket Assignment

  • Ticket Followers

  • Ticket Status and Sub-status

  • Labels

  • Stars

As well as take the following Ticket Actions:

  • Delete

  • Ban User

  • Run a Macro

  • Add to a Problem

  • Lock the Ticket

This enhancement will streamline ticket management by allowing you to view and manage tickets. Flicking through the messages for context and then quickly applying an action without having to open the ticket

Ticket Preview Feature Actions 2.png
The Ticket Preview feature is accessible from the ticket list, enabling you to view ticket information and perform actions without leaving the page. This saves time and improves efficiency, allowing you to focus on providing excellent customer service.

The update to our Ticket Preview feature significantly improves current functionality by making it easier for agents to manage customer inquiries efficiently.

For more information about the actions we’ve added, you can check out the Agent Guide.

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