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Setting User Contact Data

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When creating users (agents or regular users) as well as organizations, you can set contact data in their profiles. For example, contact data may include their WhatsApp username, personal website URL, or address. When creating users (people) and organizations you can pass an additional “contact_data“ property that allows you to attach one or more pieces of contact information.

Contact Data

Contact Data Type Type Required Fields
Address address address (string)
city (string)
state (string)
zip (string)
Website website url (string)
Instant Message (IM) instant_message service: (choice: whatsapp, aim, msn, icq, skype, gtalk, other)
username (string)
Twitter twitter username (string)
display_feed (boolean)
LinkedIn linked_in url (string)
Facebook facebook url (string)
Apple apply username (string)
Trust Pilot trust_pilot username (string)
Instagram instagram username (string)
instagram_id (string)

Example Request

Below is an example request showing all contact data objects populated. Note that these are optional, so you can just add one of these objects if you like. each property of the "contact_data" object is the "type" of the contact data object as shown in the table above. 

Content-Type: applciation/json

Authorization: key <your_api_key>

"first_name": "Joanne",
"last_name": "Bloggs",
"title_prefix": "Ms",
"primary_email": "",
"is_agent": true,
"contact_data": {
"address": [{
"address": "10 Testing Street",
"city": "Beverly Hills",
"state": "California",
"zip": "90210"
"website": [{
"url": ""
"instant_message": [{
"service": "whatsapp",
"username": "+1 77034 555 555"
"twitter": [{
"username": "@JoanneBloggsTestDeskpro",
"display_feed": false
"linked_in": [{
"url": ""
"facebook": [{
"url": ""
"apple": [{
"username": "JoanneBloggsTestDeskpro"
"trust_pilot": [{
"username": "JoanneBloggsTestDeskpro"
"instagram": [{
"username": "JoanneBloggsTestDeskpro",
"instagram_id": "abc123"





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