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Show open tickets count in portal sidebar - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Show open tickets count in portal sidebar Finished

Currently the sidebar shows the count of all tickets of a user, including resolved and archived tickets. It would be nice to see the count of all open tickets and maybe the count of "recently resolved" tickets. The count of all past tickets is not very useful.

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Earle Steel
Hello Timo, Thank you for your comment. There is a way in which you can get the information that you are looking for regarding "recently resolved tickets". In the Filter Pane, look at the bottom of the pane. There are three headings, "Tickets, Labels, Flagged". Click on the "Tickets" heading. Select the "Resolved" sub-heading. You are then able to sort the list by using the "Ordered by and Grouped by" selection fields at the top of the List Pane. I hope that this is helpful? Please contact our Support Team if you have any further queries.