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Preferred Organization Language Collecting Feedback

Can I set the preferred language of an organization of a user? Can the language be inherited from organization to user to ticket?

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Lieven Embrechts
You already have the functionality where you link a new email address to an organisation based on the domain name, which is very good. But if the organisation is for instance French-speaking then you could also inherit this organisation language to the new linked person, and you can immediately communicate to this new person in the correct language. Currently this is a manual job (By the agent or by the user) while it could be much more automated. Of course this is only needed in an organisation or a country where different languages are used. Another option would be to use more triggers in the CRM part (currently only on email address) If they existed, this is a functionality (language inheritance) that could then be build with open fields and triggers. I don't know if more triggers in the CRM is on the roadmap...
Lieven Embrechts
Is there a roadmap?

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