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Organization users' time zone matching made easier - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Organization users' time zone matching made easier Collecting Feedback

Hello everyone, When assigning time zones to users of organizations, Deskpro presents such a large choice of zones, but none mentions the lag/step ahead compared to a standard time, say CST (-2) or GMT (+3). As not all counties/states/cities of the world could be mentioned, maybe Deskpro could add the 'lag/step ahead' in parentheses next to every continent & city combination already mentioned in the cloud app, so as to help the end-users of the programme. For example, I wanted to input the time zone for a business customer from Dallas, Texas but, as Dallas was not mentioned in Deskpro's specific cities, I had to look around the programme's other time zone suggestions for a time-zone-equivalent city, which was time-consuming and unproductive. Just a thought, in case other people also find this proposed feature useful. Thank you

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