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окт. 26 2012

DeskPRO Build #162 Released

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We are pleased to announce a new release of the DeskPRO helpdesk platform, build #162.

The following is an automatically generated list of changes in this release:

  • Support for embeddable inline images in outgoing emails.
  • Fix responsive login box showing when that sidebar section has been disabled
  • Fix attachments box in articles showing when it shouldnt
  • Tweak inline login css a bit
  • Clarify title of Feedback reports link (its about tickets not feedback)
  • Ensure the welcome email is not incorrectly forced in the CSV import.
  • Allow images to be pasted directly into the RTE if the browser supports it (WebKit and FireFox only, currently).
  • Fix codebox style
  • Handle chat widget still showing when chat disabled or when no permission to chat
  • Move redactor out of normal assets, breaks our minifier
  • ID search should still return deleted/merged tickets results
  • Add option to remove 'ask deskpro team a question' button from side of agent interface
  • Fix fwd emails not saving attachments
  • Add 'changed' criteria option (so you can say changed without specifying to/from what value)
  • Fix phantom notify rows, double name
  • Dont log error to error log about bad trigger option
  • Fix name of LinkedIn type to be linked_in. Fixes problem with class file not being found on case-sensitive filesystems.
  • Carry admin session when viewing portal editor. Fixes case where hidden blocks dont show up until after a reload.
  • Suppress warning in case there was a charset conversion mistake
  • Add empty values for body_utf
  • Add an option to Tickets > Settings & Features to control whether the RTE is enabled for agents.
  • Add the RTE to agent ticket creation as well.
  • Add support for widgets on organization pages.
  • Ensure that RTE spacing is correct in IE and that emails display content correctly.
  • Prevent keyboard shortcuts from triggering when using the RTE.
  • Maintain caret position when inserting content into the RTE.
  • Fix organization custom field searching in the API.
  • Do permission checks when performing actions via massactions
  • WYSIWYG editor supports the snippet viewer and focusing.
  • Support for uploading images via Redactor, including with drag and drop.
  • Replace the agent reply textarea with the Redactor RTE
  • Fix email still being completely processed when unknown user and registrations are closed'
  • Fix setting Everyone to off in registration settings, fix Everyone perms showing default when editing other usergroups even when Everyone was off
  • fix inline login form not authing against custom user sources
  • Fix exception when passed an invalid grouping type
  • Dont require captcha for users who are already registered and logged in
  • Change the default password scheme for new users/updated passwords to be bcrypt.
  • Clean up listing of triggers a bit
  • Add generic plaintext cut pattern for 'XYZ <email> wrote:'
  • Dont attempt to show 'add cc' field on modify page
  • Dont report errors to do with bad custom mysql usersource config
  • Add a display name override field for agents that changes their name when displayed to users (but not other agents).
  • Ignore RouteNotFoundException when in prod so pags dont die if a user edits a template and uses an invalid route name
  • Fix exception when updating feedback cat permissions when you select no groups
  • Validation on new org to ensure a name is entered
  • If for some reason the data tmp dir is not writable, fallback on the system tmp dir for swiftmailer cache
  • Fix grouping by time open
  • Workarounds for bugs in different versions of libxml
  • Fix exception on getting summary for SetInitialFromNameAction
  • Lowercase helpdesk addresses in address matcher
  • Adjust attachment sliders to respect the effective max attachment size if it's larger than 50MB.
  • Cloud management of email accounts / outgoign accounts / aliases
  • Add quick link to download schema on mysql status page
  • Fix billing timer starting automatically after reply even when auto-start option disabled
  • Require security token to view raw html email
  • Add trigger type to set the 'From' name during notifications with replacements (eg. performers name). New default triggers set default 'From' to the person that did the action. This is what it was, but now configurable using triggers.
  • Expose more ticket and person data to widgets.
  • Allow people to have titles with their name, such as Mr or Mrs.
  • Clean up expired demo page, add inline contact form
  • Fixes to applying macros from massactions.
  • Fix possible undefined index notice

If you are using the cloud version of DeskPRO, your account will have already been updated or will be updated within the next 24-48 hours.

If you are using DeskPRO download, you can update your installation from the admin interface.

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