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Update ticket via email using action codes Collecting Feedback

The addition of an action code called "#merge" at the top of ANY email addressed or cc'd to the helpdesk and then the option being the Ticket ID. e.g. #merge [82] This action code would then merge the email message into the messages of the ticketID in the option. This ability gives you the power to have one on one conversations with vendors and other people outside of your organization that you do not necessarily want to be part of the ticket communications, but the information within those emails pertains to the ticket.

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I also would like to #merge (or #ticket) because i've created a ticket manually, and then someone forwards me information to my private email. I want to forward that email to DeskPro so its part of the ticket history.
Ramirez, Javier
Currently, DeskPro has the function of using action codes (hashtags) to set specific criteria for a ticket when you send it from an email replay to a ticket. With the action codes you are able to set #user, #assign, #follow, #team, #label, and others. I want an option to add CCs to the ticket besides the requestor (#user).

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