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Internal Knowledge Base article Finished

Search hidden knowledgebase-Article or set status to an internal article that not published in the customer view<br /><br /> also see (and search) the article in agent-view

Comments (11)

Tommy Jackson
Please add this!
Tommy Jackson
Much needed!!!
this would be cool Like what was in version 3
Ben Goldberg
This would be great. Sometimes international articles support and technical tips are appropriate for staff, but not the clients.
Brian Polackoff
+ 1 for this. Thanks!
James Warner
You can already do this in the way you want I think - by assigning your agents to a usergroup - then just set the permissions on a new category for that usergroup only!
Jason Voice
We do this by simply adding unpublished FAQ's to a category with no permissions, and agents view them through the publish section of the agent interface. Jame's way above will give you the full user front end view too.
Ben Henley
As James said, you can set this up by creating an agents-only usergroup - I've written a detailed how-to article:
Tommy Jackson
User group works, but we would really like to be able to have both agent and user KBs in same category, so if the issue was printers, agents could see all in one place.
Ben Henley
Tommy, what you could do is use a subcategory for the agent-only articles, then restrict access to the subcategory. When your agents browse the category they would see something like this: