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a couple of month ago we tried a chat solution ( to see if and how our customers will use it. It turned out, that there are realy users, who like more to chat than to call or send an email. We don't want to use a chat solution and a help desk solution, we want to use one software (help desk) which can handle both, so I wanted to make some feature request for your chat, if you allow me:

1. We have more than one website. It would be cool if we could make a kind of channel per website. So we can make very easy a special look and feel for every website.

2. Real-time visitors monitoring including statistics. So that we can see if someone is on one of our websites (and on which one), and that we can get an overview how often a website/a page of a website is visited.

3. The possibility to start a chat. If I see that a customer is active on a website, it would be cool, if I can start the chat, asking him if he needs help.

4. Integration for some popular CMS (e.g. WordPress, Joomla...). It's much easier and safer to install a plugin and do the configuration instead of manipulating sourcecode.

Thank you!


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