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DeskPRO Build #433 Released - Notícias / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

jan. 18 2016

DeskPRO Build #433 Released

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We are pleased to announce a new release of the DeskPRO helpdesk platform, build #433.

The following is an automatically generated list of changes in this release:

  • NEW New agent reply codes: #urgency 123, #follow john, #unfollow jane
  • NEW Phone numbers API
  • IMPROVEMENT Added new admin ticket setting to disable drafts on newticket
  • IMPROVEMENT link ticket in task trigger action
  • IMPROVEMENT "Toggle All" for department permissions in Admin
  • IMPROVEMENT SMS actions for Escalations and SLAs
  • FIX API: The direct_login_url returned from people/id/login-token was incorrect
  • FIX Agent ticket view: Going from field edit move back to view, some fields might remain hidden even if they should be visible (until the tab was reloaded)
  • FIX Default satisfaction escalation never matched any tickets
  • FIX Reports: On dashboard, if you grouped by a custom field and then deleted the field, you would get errors
  • FIX Merge menu did not list users other tickets
  • FIX Merge menu did not list users other tickets
  • FIX Disabling archive did not update existing tickets properly
  • FIX ticket fields layout visibility
  • FIX list display options are mixed from different lists
  • FIX kb and news article datetimepickers
  • FIX some agent auth usersource settings were not showing the filter textbox
  • FIX ticket counters on Portal
  • FIX force showing scrollbars on ticket fields
  • FIX assigned agent team action
  • FIX Edge-case where email attachments in emails might appear as 'filename.bin'
  • FIX sticky search by phrase
  • FIX ticket SLA notification message
  • FIX open publish links in new tab
  • FIX keyboard shortcuts for tickets list
  • FIX datetime widget positioning on ticket props
  • FIX report builder
  • FIX don't allow to select the same ticket for a merge
  • FIX check per org field trigger when ticket submitted via portal
  • FIX userchat show PM at 12 after noon
  • FIX show alert when there is no perm to create new person with new ticket
  • FIX save the state of ticket charge checkbox before update
  • FIX allow to unset ticket flag by trigger
  • FIX userchat snippets
  • FIX more operators for custom fields trigger criteria
  • FIX scrollable charges table
  • FIX elastic user search by ticket id/ref
  • FIX usersearch by ticket ID and Ref
  • FIX "discard draft" button font
  • FIX reset draft to default values
  • FIX usersearch js error
  • FIX Add first_name/last_name params to POST /people api
  • FIX don't show monetary charges with time ones
  • FIX don't allow to remove the user's only email
  • FIX reminder email subject
  • FIX update escalation date_created when "enable" is toggled
  • FIX allow admins to delete Publish drafts
  • FIX Login from chat widget frame
  • FIX force update ticket messages for self when a reply/note added via email
  • FIX API: Ticket search on multiple custom choice values didnt work
  • FIX use mysql for label search on portal
  • FIX Org table references
  • FIX person searchbox on newticket
  • FIX allow to deselect User column on table view
  • FIX mysql search indexer
  • FIX default values for not visible org and person fields

This update has been rolled out to Cloud helpdesks.

If you are using DeskPRO On-Premise, you can update your installation from the admin interface.

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