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mar 20 2023

Create an access point for your frequently used apps with Bookmarks

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Our Bookmarks App provides an effortless way for Agents to access links from your helpdesk. Bookmarks helps make workflows more efficient, as you and your Agents no longer need to search for frequently used links; you can access the websites you need from the Global Apps bar.

Bookmarks App over interface.png
There are two sections in Bookmarks. The Shared Bookmarks tab is where you create bookmarks for all agents, and the My Bookmarks tab allows each agent to create a list of bookmarks — letting them customize their bookmarks according to the sites they need to access.

Creating Bookmarks is easy. Provide a name, description, and URL for each item. This allows you to easily remember the purpose of each bookmark and quickly access the links you need. Plus, you can edit bookmarks by hovering over the right-hand side of them in the app window.

To enable the Bookmarks app for your helpdesk, go to Apps & Integrations > Apps, select the Available tab, and install the Bookmarks app. You and your agents will then be able to access the app from the Global Apps bar across the helpdesk interfaces.

Bookmarks Create.png
Make the most of your time and streamline your workflow with the new Deskpro Bookmarks App.

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