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Introducing our new YouTrack integration - Aktualności / Product / Product (Admin) - Deskpro Support

lut 21 2023

Introducing our new YouTrack integration

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We're excited to present our latest integration with YouTrack, the bug, and issue-tracking software. This Deskpro app lets agents view relevant information from your YouTrack account and link issues directly from Deskpro seamlessly.

Youtrack add.png
Agents can easily access the following details:

  • View YouTrack information from the helpdesk

  • Access details about issues stored in your YouTrack account

With the YouTrack integration, agents can quickly gain full context about any issue and efficiently communicate with users without switching between platforms. This streamlined workflow empowers agents to resolve tickets more effectively and enhances productivity.

Youtrack app.png
By leveraging the Deskpro YouTrack app, your agents can enjoy a more efficient and integrated workflow, reducing context switching and improving issue resolution time. We're constantly working on enhancing the YouTrack integration's capabilities, so stay tuned for more exciting features to come.

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