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How to license a new Deskpro on-premise installation - Knowledgebase / Legacy: Managing Deskpro On-Premise / Installation & Upgrades - Deskpro Support

How to license a new Deskpro on-premise installation

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We provide free trials for both our Deskpro cloud hosted service, and our on-premise version of the software. Our cloud trials are activated instantly, however if you need to go for a self hosted solution, the activation process for on-premise is not at all daunting.



After a brand new installation of Deskpro on-premise - you will be given an initial URL to visit to begin your experience. By default, this will usually be some form of default local IP address negotiated automatically by the system, until you are able to configure your official helpdesk domain name. It is also completely fine to use this address permanently if your intended usage permits it.




The automatic windows and linux installers, and the pre-built VM image will all attempt to preconfigure this address, and deliver this to you upon completion of the installation. If you opt for manual/source installation, you will have configured this yourself during the web server configuration.


When you visit the helpdesk for the first time, you will be asked to log in with the credentials you were prompted for during the install. If you do not have these to hand, you can reset them right away:


If you have already purchased an official version of Deskpro, you will have been emailed this license code, it will usually be 8-10 lines of seemingly random alphanumeric code. 


However, you are most likely looking to activate a free trial if you have landed on this page. The process to generate a demo license key is very straight forward.



You can request this seamlessly from within the software itself, you will just need to enter some basic information, and an email with a new trial key will be triggered to yourself within minutes of you hitting enter.



If for any reason you are unable to trigger this automatically, such as your helpdesk being installed on a completely firewalled network without external access, we can validate your helpdesk instance remotely and securely.


Press “Or request a license manually” and send over the key file generated here to our support or sales team who can trigger the license generation manually.


If you have any problems at any stage of this registration and activation process, please get in touch with support.

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