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Moving from Deskpro Cloud to Deskpro On-Premise - Managing Deskpro On-Premise / Installation & Upgrades - Deskpro Support

Moving from Deskpro Cloud to Deskpro On-Premise

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This article explains how to take the data from your Deskpro Cloud helpdesk and import it into a Deskpro On-Premise installation. For example, you may have been using Cloud for a trial period and you want to keep the tickets, agents and other data from the trial when you start using On-Premise.

You will need to contact us to get a dump of the Cloud helpdesk's MySQL database.

To import the data:

1. Install Deskpro On-Premise (or if you have an existing installation that you want to use for the import, go to the next step).

2. Create a new, blank database in MySQL, e.g.:

CREATE DATABASE deskpro_fromcloud;

3. Edit your Download config.php to change the database that Deskpro will use.

define('DP_DATABASE_NAME', 'deskpro'); 


define('DP_DATABASE_NAME', 'deskpro_fromcloud');

4. If you've changed the database user in the config.php file from root, ensure it has all privileges on the new database, e.g.:

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON deskpro_fromcloud.* TO 'deskpro_user'@'localhost';

5. Now import the database dump from cloud, e.g.:

mysql -u deskpro_user -p deskpro_fromcloud < clouddump.sql

6. Go to the helpdesk in your browser. You may be prompted to run a command to update the database or fix other configuration issues. Follow any instructions.

7. Log in to the admin interface. (If you see a warning about 'Insecure login', don't worry; this is due to the issue we'll correct in step 8). If you've forgotten the admin account details, don't forget you can reset an admin password from the command line.

8. In Admin > Setup > Settings, change the Helpdesk URL from to the full address of the Download installation - you must include http:// at the front.

9. In Tickets > Email Accounts, delete any accounts from the Cloud setup. See Deskpro On-Premise email configuration in the admin manual for how to set up email accounts in On-Premise.

10. Under Server > File Uploads, check that the current storage mechanism is database, and use Test a file upload.

11. Under Server > Scheduled Tasks, check that your cron job or Windows Scheduled Task is running correctly.

12. Go the Agent interface and check that imported tickets are displayed correctly, attachments load, etc.


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