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júl. 5 2017

New Snippets Interface

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At DeskPRO we are always keeping our features and interfaces up to date. I am proud to announce a brand new snippets interface, with accelerated features and a smooth new look.


Snippets allow for quick response and automation in the helpdesk. These are set of canned responses, with the use of variables (such as email addresses, names, custom fields) to personalize each snippet response.


NOTE: This will initially be released as a BETA feature, meaning you will need to enable this manually. You can do this through the Admin Interface > Admin Dashboard in one-click.


So, what’s new?


Everything! The entire interface along with the logic and workflow behind snippets has been rewritten and improved.






At first glance, we have completely overhauled the categorization system. Previously, snippets were set under a single category, customers noticed that as their collection of snippets grew, it became harder and harder to sort these snippets into categories.


We have the solution to this: labelling! Instead of shutting away a snippet in one category, you can now add multiple labels to a snippet. These almost act as “keywords” to make it easier for your agents to find snippets.




Globalization is a wonderful and unavoidable part of running a business! It need not scare you however. We have now made it easier than ever to communicate with your clients around the globe, with new shortcuts to insert snippets for different countries. You are able to click on the flag, and immediately insert the snippet with the associated language.


If you do not click on that flag, the system will magically detect the language set for the user account, and send them the matched snippet. This is not an auto-translation system, but a way of storing and sorting pre-translated snippets, and delivering them to your clients


Improved sorting and searching


Our clients were coming to us with impressive collections of snippets in the thousands, but with no easy way to search through them. In this update, we have included two layers of searching.


The searchbar at the top will search through everything, great if you know which snippet you are looking for, however when things get a bit messy, you can narrow down your searching by sorting through labels. What may start a mess of a thousand canned responses, is now a sleek interface to access all your pre-written content.


Snippets in action!


Open up the snippets interface, search and send a response in seconds. You can slide the interface open with the keyboard shortcut alt+s - start searching for your snippet straight away. If there are more than one result, use just the arrow keys to scroll up and down.




Once you have found your snippet, hit enter to send this out. This speeds up the process dramatically, with the new interface fully integrated with the helpdesk. Have a full length, language matched response out to your client in seconds.


Accelerated permissions and management


When managing hundreds to thousands of snippets, we knew adding labels and search functions was not enough. We needed to add permissions and visibility!


When you create a snippet now, there are new options to manage the permissions. You can assign this to selected departments, you can select ownership between agent teams, and select whether the snippet is for use chat or tickets.



This allows full complete control over who can see a snippet, where it can be used, and which departments they can be applied to. Suddenly a collection of a thousand plus pre-written responses does not look so daunting!


Attachments in snippets


Snippets are great for speeding things up, but you often need to get attachments or images out to a customer. Anything from an educational powerpoint presentation, to a set of PDF documents HR needs to send out again and again.


We saw customers making good use of the snippets, but their agents being slowed down having to then re-attach the same documents time and time again. No longer is this an issue, you can upload attachments directly into a snippet. Removing the need for any extra work or hesitation when responding.


Stop digging, you’ve struck gold!


Start using this feature right away! It is a BETA feature, which can be enabled in one-click. Navigate to the Admin Interface > Admin Dashboard - on the bottom left of the page there will be a green button to enable Snippets V2

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