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jan. 9 2024

Deskpro Horizon Release 2024.2

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We’re pleased to announce the release of Deskpro Horizon, version 2024.2. This release includes two new apps for enhanced project management, in addition to several new features our team has been developing. We have also released several improvements across the product functionality and interface, and numerous bug fixes.

New Features

We released two new event and issue tracking Apps - Linear and PagerDuty

Utilize the Linear and PagerDuty apps for simple issue management straight from your Deskpro interface. The apps enable your agents to more effectively collaborate with engineers working on issues and communicate work status with your customers. 

Linear PagerDuty Release Notes.png

To install Linear or PagerDuty, go to Admin > Apps & Integrations > Apps, select the Available tab, select the required app and follow the setup instructions.

✨ Improved the behavior of multi-select fields. When selected, they will display in a pre-defined order, the order in which they appear configured in Admin, rather than by order of selection (SC 92029).

✨ We added an Agent Permission that controls the ability to modify Ticket Brand. Without Permission, the Brand field on a Ticket will not be clickable (SC 108302).

✨ You can now set Organization fields with Trigger actions (SC 121545).

Latest Improvements

💅 Added an auto-focus function on Two-Factor Authentication code input on the agent login page, so you don't have to select the field manually (SC 133340).

💅 Added the following Trigger criteria for Urgency, "Was set during" and "Was not set during" (SC 111156).

💅 You can now drag and drop attachments into the Ticket Forward tab (SC 132668).

Bug Fixes

🐛 If there's insufficient credit for a Voice Call, the logs will display to indicate no charge in Voice Logs (SC 71422).

🐛 Fixed an issue where Ticket File attachments would falsely display as corrupted when it entered the helpdesk (SC 108810).

🐛 Reduced the Restrictions on Tickets with Unset Required Fields to avoid Permission Errors when using Mass Actions (SC 113798).

🐛 Resolved an issue that previously allowed a ticket to be marked as resolved without filling in all the required dependent fields (SC 133985).

🐛 Ticket viewing permissions have been updated to align with the specific ticket brand, ensuring that tickets are only visible on the Help Center associated with their respective brand (SC 135890).

🐛 Resolved a PHP migration deprecation error (SC 103180).

🐛 Resolved an issue where the Delete Customization option in Help Center Design wouldn't restore the original theme (SC 135271).

🐛 Added checks to ensure Agents can only use the API to fetch messages they have permission to access (SC 137047).

🐛 Resolved an issue with resetting the ElasticSearch index where the reset wouldn't purge existing jobs in the queue during index reset and repopulate work in the production environment (SC 135648).

🐛 Removed the depricateed API & Email Templates variable {{ reply.geo_country }} (SC 117706).

🐛 Resolved the issue where the API: /ticket_custom_field endpoint did not permit PUT requests (SC 119335).

🐛 Fixed the issue with Agent IM, where inline images could not be sent without text (SC 135114).

🐛 Resolved an issue where using the "Enter" key to insert a link into the Ticket Form on the Help Center would incorrectly result in form submission (SC 135150).

🐛 Fixed an issue impacting the Messenger Widget where links in Display Fields would function incorrectly (SC 95282).

🐛 Restored the original behavior of the Group by menu. It will no longer disappear between clicks or hover over the Navigation Bar (SC 137861).

Patch Release 2024.2.1

🐛 We have fixed an issue with setting the recipients when forwarding a ticket out of the helpdesk (SC 138384).

On-Premise Controller Release 2.13.0

We are also delighted to announce the latest version of the OPC, 2.13.0. This version includes a new feature and other improvements and fixes to improve the functionality of the On-Premise Controller.

New Features

✨ Enable the OPC to run custom docker containers and include some plug-and-play configurations for certain applications (SC 137561).

Latest Improvements

💅 Install packages missing from minimal installs as part of the OPC update process (SC 136602).

Bug Fixes

🐛 Ensure that checks for instances from the OPC Web UI do not run on recently deleted instances if the page has not been refreshed (SC 137503).

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