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How to remove comments from Satisfaction Surveys

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If you want to receive ratings on the support your organization provides, but don't want end-users to leave comments you can disable commenting on the Satisfaction Surveys by editing your Help Center Templates.

Go to AdminHelp Center Help Center Design and scroll down to Open Template Editor. You need to open the following templates under Template > Tickets: ajax-feedback.html, feedback.html, and feedback-simple.html:

Find this HTML in each of these templates and delete it to remove the comment box:

<div class="form-group">

<label for="feedback_comment">{{ phrase('') }}</label>

<textarea class="form-control" id="feedback_comment" name="ticket_feedback[message]"

placeholder="{{ phrase('') }}">{{ feedback.message }}</textarea>


Then save the changes you make to each template. Then the comment box will be removed so that when an end-user goes to rate their support, only the ratings will be available.

If you want to add the comment box back in at a later date, you can simply go back to each template and use the Delete Customization button to revert the template to default.

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