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How can I ensure Knowledgebase content is reviewed and updated?

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If you want to create a review process for Knowledgebase content to ensure that content is kept up-to-date and relevant, Admins can enforce a review period to apply for all Knowledgebase articles. Articles that reach the review date will become visible in a 'Review' filter in the Publish area.

Optionally, you can choose whether the articles are automatically unpublished after a certain amount of time if an agent does not take any action.

Below are the steps to configure this in the Admin Interface:

  1. Go to Admin > Help Center > Knowledgebase > Settings.

  2. Tick the 'Require Review Date' checkbox

  3. Optionally, set a minimum and maximum review date - this allows you to define the time range within which agents can set a review date.

  4. If you are likely to want the same review date to apply for all content, you can set a default date to be pre-selected for all newly created articles.

  5. If you'd like articles that reach the review date to be automatically unpublished if no action is taken within a certain amount of time, set the 'Auto unpublish x days/months/years after review date' option.

  6. Click 'Save'.

Once the Admin settings have been saved, agents will be able to set the review date accordingly each time they create a new Knowledgebase article.


To take an article out of the 'Review' state, an agent would need to click 'Edit' and resave the article (even if no changes are made). The benefit of this is that the 'Last updated' date visible to users viewing the article will be updated, giving them confidence that the article content is not outdated.

If this action is not taken, the article will either remain in the review state, or it will be automatically unpublished if this setting is enabled.


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