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Branding and Customizing your Help Center

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Offering your users a self-service Help Center is an efficient and effective way to provide your users with information that helps them to answer their own questions and inquiries.

You can use the Deskpro User Help Center to host knowledgebase articles, news, files and guides they can access at any time. This is also a space for them to create tickets and live chats and manage their communication with you and your team.

The first step to getting your portal up and running is branding it and making it your own. 

We have a Help Center editor that allows you to make changes to the look and feel of your Help Center. You can access the editor in Admin > Help Center > Help Center Design.

The editor can be used to make a variety of simple, or more advanced changes.

Simple changes:

  • Add a Welcome box with a Title & Message

  • Logo

  • Favicon

  • Splash Image

  • Color Scheme

  • Fonts

Advanced changes:

  • Edit the Header & Footer Templates

  • Edit the Homepage Templates

  • Edit & Add custom CSS

  • Access to all Help Center HTML templates for editing

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