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Workflow expansion - automated paths/ Archived

It would be immensely useful if the current Workflow feature was expanded upon, to allow different tech groups to move tickets into different &quot;buckets&quot; (or categories?) as they complete their piece of a task that requires work from several tech groups. (i.e. something like workgroup paths?)<br /><br /> <br /><br /> i.e. say that you are using Deskpro to handle incoming orders for a donut shop<br /><br /> <br /><br /> - order comes in via email/form from the user or even via a salesperson tech<br /><br /> - it gets moved to the orders department. They finish their task, and ticket automatically moves to the dough-kneading department.<br /><br /> - once the dough-kneading department finishes their task, it moves automatically to the baking department.<br /><br /> - once the baking department is finished with the order, it moves automatically to the icing &amp; glazing department<br /><br /> - icing &amp; glazing finishes their part or the order, and it moves automatically to the packaging department<br /><br /> - once the packaging department is finished, it moves automatically to the shipping department (or perhaps manually to the from display department?)<br /><br /> <br /><br /> The thought here is that often tasks in an organization are handled in a certain order by numerous departments and individuals. They should be able to complete their task and have the issue move down a path *automatically* to the next group for their part. (like an assembly line)