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Support hours & Ticket Escalations Archived

An extremely useful feature would be to set operational hours (needs to be on a per account basis, as different customers have different SLA&#039;s). If a customer logs a ticket outside of their SLA hours, the ticket during this time wont escalate and also the time from opening wont increment until their operational hours start e.g. SLA for customer is Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. They submit a ticket on Saturday, they are presented a message saying they are logging out of support hours and wont be dealt with until Monday 9am (perhaps an option to raise this as super critical, I need help now anyway is an option here). The escalation system wont send messages during these out of SLA hours. If the ticket was closed Monday at 9:01am, the time that the ticket was open for would show as being 1 minute (well within SLA).<br /><br /> <br /><br /> Additionally, tickets that are set &quot;Awaiting User&quot; should not be escalated.

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Also to add to this we have different opening times on a Saturday and Sunday it would be nice to be able to extra opening hours for different days as at the moment if we have an SLA it won't take into account our hours on the sat urday and Sunday. In the current settings, these will be the same 9-5:30 setting for all days.