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Digital Sign-Off/Approval Procedure to Managers/Team Leaders etc. - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Digital Sign-Off/Approval Procedure to Managers/Team Leaders etc. Archived

Deskpro needs a simple sign off procedure to handle change requests, purchases etc to be approved by a department head or manager. Sometimes, people ask for permissions or other requests that we need to approve through a main contact at their company (a sort of change request procedure). We would like a feature added, so that if we receive a ticket that needs approval, we can click a “Send for Approval” button, select an email address from their account (or perhaps we could have a fixed approver email address in a field), an email is sent to the approver (and the person who made the request, saying its gone for approval). The ticket is put on hold/awaiting customer. The approver is given a link to the helpdesk on a random link e.g. where they are given the option to approve or decline the request, as well as add a note. The link would be valid for 48 hours or until approved/declined. As its a random code, the user wouldn’t need to log in or remember their password (so easy and quick to use for an approval mechanism). Once approved the ticket is updated and set awaiting tech for the tech to deal with. If its declined, the ticket is closed and the originator emailed to say declined. Hopefully you get the impression of what we are trying to achieve here.. so handy for permission approvals, or even perhaps purchase requests etc..