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DeskPRO Build #76 Released - Hírek / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

júl. 27 2012

DeskPRO Build #76 Released

Szerzők listája

We are pleased to announce a new release of the DeskPRO helpdesk platform, build #76.

The following is an automatically generated list of changes in this release:

  • Linkify opens in new window
  • Captcha to new comment form
  • Add captcha to newfeedback page
  • SubjectMatchDetector shouldnt match subjects without re prefix
  • Dont save body_full when there is no difference between the original
  • Fix initial display of custom fields with show rules
  • Should process attachment tokens in full/quoted message too
  • Add message detail view that shows the decoded body of a raw email
  • Always enable local source for admin logins, redirect chat users to login page when required
  • Changes to allow closed helpdesk but guest permissions, handle everyone group being disabled
  • Toggle deskpro source off makes helpdesk closed, show status of everyone on helpdesk mode section
  • Usergroups can be toggled on and off
  • Redirect to correct page after login form
  • Add tool to recount rating stats from stored rating records
  • Fix phrase name
  • Add view count to article display, fix import of article ratings switching up total votes and total rating
  • Fix cron job that updates view counts
  • Dont add gateway addresses as cc's
  • Improve data submission of preboot failures
  • Flush permission cache when updating category perms
  • Fix multi-part blobs being sent in wrong order
  • Fix warning when adding TotalTicketMessages stat type

If you are using the cloud version of DeskPRO, your account will have already been updated or will be updated within the next 24-48 hours.

If you are using DeskPRO download, you can update your installation from the admin interface.

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