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DeskPRO Build #402 Released - Hírek / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

máj. 5 2015

DeskPRO Build #402 Released

Szerzők listája

We are pleased to announce a new release of the DeskPRO helpdesk platform, build #402.

The following is an automatically generated list of changes in this release:

  • NEW Admin: New advanced email settings to disable subject matching, or only match on emails sent to the same account
  • NEW Admin: You can now disable rate limiting completely, or whitelist specific IP ranges
  • NEW Demos can now 'reset' the helpdesk (automatically purges test data)
  • NEW Triggers based on ticket satisfaction
  • NEW SendGrid email tracking app
  • NEW You can now create round robins that only select online agents
  • NEW Ability to 'undo' a CSV import
  • NEW Organization fields can be added to ticket layouts
  • NEW Bitium app
  • NEW Custom choice fields are no longer limited to two levels
  • IMPROVEMENT Improve handling of cases where a user sends an email to the helpdesk that contain agent TAC codes (e.g., an agent forwards their notifications to an end-user and the user later replies to the helpdesk)
  • CHANGE Email templates can use {{ticketdisplay.getFirstMessage().message_html}} to get the very first message in a ticket
  • FIX Agent notes would count as 'last activity' on ticket list in portal
  • FIX API browser showed wrong URL for editing tasks
  • FIX Using RTE to add font-color to text would delete the text node
  • FIX Possible error with merging people
  • FIX Fix some URL redirection issues and add setting to control URL auto-redirection
  • FIX Ticket read from a disabled email account would continue to queue outgoing messages from that account (which would fail, because it would be disabled)
  • FIX Gateway subject matching was run on agent messages, resulting in the possibility an agent message being attached to the wrong ticket if multiple tickets with the same subject exist and the agent sent a message without tracking codes
  • FIX Security captcha could prevent login on intranets
  • FIX Workaround for PHP bug where gzopen wolud be replaced by gzopen64
  • FIX Prevent memory errors when sending email notifications on very very long tickets
  • FIX fix possible URL generating bug in non-rewrite installs
  • FIX A deleted ticket that is later restored will be deleted anyway when the recycle bin is cleaned
  • FIX Usersources: LDAP custom filter did not save properly
  • FIX Admin: Tickets > Billing > Missing option for setting to add time charge in reply box
  • FIX Admin: csv import sent welcome email in incorrect language
  • FIX Agent: Registered user count would be inaccurate if there are deleted agents
  • FIX Agent: Saving snippets with non-trivial HTML might result in mangled or cut strings
  • FIX Admin: Round robin might fail to load if a RR had a disabled agent in it
  • FIX Agent: Possibility of counters becoming out-of-sync in some rare cases
  • FIX Agent RTE: Sometimes multiple newlines might appear
  • FIX Agent replies via email could bypass permission checks on the ticket
  • FIX Admin: Adding members based on a agent group was not working
  • FIX Agent: Permission error when trying to view a ticket your team was assigned to when you would otherwise not be able to view it
  • FIX Portal: Google+ button was broken
  • FIX Admin: Invalid UI state when deleting/restoring an agent, lists became stale
  • FIX Admin: Website name/url was marked as being required when it isn't
  • FIX Admin: CSV now uses commas instead of semi-colons for field delimitation
  • FIX Agent: Fields/labels in UI that were set with triggers or macros might not show until the ticket was reloaded
  • FIX Admin: Missing controls to re-set the logo displayed on agent login screen (now under Admin > Agents > Settings)
  • FIX Agent: Misc inconsistencies with merging and splitting, especially around dates and times
  • FIX Agent: When linking tickets, attachments were not sent properly in email notifications
  • FIX Admin: Creating new agents might silently fail due to phone validation error (even if you didn't enter a phone number)
  • FIX Admin: Using the 'copy' feature in agent management did not properly copy department permissions or teams
  • FIX Share widgets would show even when app is not installed
  • FIX Admin: Login log was showing times in UTC instead of your timezone
  • FIX Triggers: Setting a flag was not working
  • FIX Portal: Counts in multi-level hierarchies might be incorrect depending on permission scheme
  • FIX Portal: User chat was not playing audio notification when new agent message arrived
  • FIX Apps: Google+ authentication did not work in some cases
  • FIX Password inputs were being passed through input sanitizing filters which could result in unexpected passwords being saved
  • FIX Some user lookups were using case-sensitive email comparisons, resulting in duplicate errors or other unexpected behaviour
  • FIX Admin: Fixed ability to delete yourself from agents
  • FIX Admin: CSV import: Sending welcome email did not send in the language of the user
  • FIX Support for style SAML assertions (e.g., Azure AD)
  • FIX Agent: Delete attachments window only had 'x' for first attachment
  • FIX Agent: Table view 'jiggling' in some cases
  • FIX Agent: Table view causing high CPU usage

This update is being rolled out to Cloud customers now.

If you are using DeskPRO Download, you can update your installation from the admin interface.

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