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jan. 24 2014

DeskPRO Build #313 Released

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We are pleased to announce a new release of the DeskPRO helpdesk platform, build #313.

The following is an automatically generated list of changes in this release:

  • NEW You can now remove usersource associations from user accounts
  • IMPROVEMENT If a message bounces in response to an agent reply, ticket status should go back to awaiting agent
  • IMPROVEMENT Superfluous search data for tickets was being saved which could cause normal search on articles/news/downloads/feedback to be very slow
  • CHANGE Add pagination to user tickets list
  • CHANGE Time displayed in tooltop in ticket log now includes the time of day
  • FIX Grouping by 'Time since creation' would switch phrases to 'Date opened' after load
  • FIX Grouping by 'All waiting time' did not work
  • FIX Improve handling of touch events for touche-enabled devices
  • FIX Possible error when refreshing online users list when the list contained a track that was just cleaned up on cron (race condition)
  • FIX Agent permission overrides would appear off when reloading the agent page
  • FIX Inserting snippets via %shortcodes% would not insert variables sometimes
  • FIX Initial image size when uploading new logo to admin login screen (went back to normal after)
  • FIX Error generating routes in agent interface when feedback was labelled with a label that included a '/' character
  • FIX Reset password field in admin edit agent would not show on agents who were promoted from users but had no previous password set
  • FIX Inefficient fetching of ticket layout could result in more queries running than were needed
  • FIX Inefficient fetching of profile preferences could result in more queries than were needed
  • FIX Query in a loop when rendering ticket results with SLAs displayed
  • FIX A few attachment lists were not using URL-ized versions of filenames, which could cause an error generating download URLs
  • FIX Error generating download URLs for downlaods with special characters in the title
  • FIX Improve caching in object lang repository (reduces number of queries to do with fetching translated resources)
  • FIX One-query per snippet being run when rendering ticket list
  • FIX Fix snippet overlay from "jumping around" while content is loading or switching sections
  • FIX SLAs on first response time were not marked as completed for tickets created by an agent. Now, as long as the ticket is marked as awaiting user, first response SLAs are satisfied (i.e., the agents message is considered "first response").
  • FIX Time displayed in tooltip in ticket log would show UTC time if the logs were loaded since the ticket was first loaded (e.g. changed log filter or a new action that happened after the ticket loaded)
  • FIX Missing permission for 'edit CCs' for assigned/others
  • FIX Pagination through feedback results in agent interface
  • FIX Reports Builder in IE would double-encode URLs when using AJAX loading, which made the rendered report wrong because the options you chose would not be read (e.g., changing date range or grouping vars did not work)
  • FIX Fix a plaintext cut pattern for "XYZ wrote:"
  • FIX Email gateway code detector runs agent access code checks before public access codes. This solved an uncommon case where agent replies might be processed in user context mode.
  • FIX Timestamps on agent chat messages would appear in the authors timezone
  • FIX Re-loading a closed chat window would show message timestamps in GMT
  • FIX Billing timer would sometimes misbehave when the 'Show billing on reply form' option is disabled (if you started the timer then added a reply)
  • FIX When filtering feedback by type, the field label showed 'category'
  • FIX Globe icon appearing in ticket messages even when translation plugin not enabled
  • FIX Deleting a person would result in duplicate deletion notes for their tickets
  • FIX Missing escalation phrase for 'total user waiting time' type
  • FIX Missing 404 handling in ticket 'view message in new window' function
  • FIX Manually applying SLA could fail if the ticket was already in a warn/fail state
  • FIX Deleting a user who has not submitted any tickets would result in an error
  • FIX Glossary word highlighter would highlight last occurance rather than first
  • FIX Online users count in agent interface did not auto-update
  • FIX API method to delete a person contact record

If you are using the cloud version of DeskPRO, your account will have already been updated or will be updated within the next 24-48 hours.

If you are using DeskPRO download, you can update your installation from the admin interface.

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