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1) Organize your Helpdesk into Departments - Knowledgebase / Getting Started - Deskpro Support

1) Organize your Helpdesk into Departments

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Departments are the main organizational structure in your helpdesk. You can use them to represent internal divisions within your organization, for example, different client accounts or regions.

We want you to be able to setup your helpdesk so that it reflects the nature of your organization. This can be achieved by using Deskpro’s Departments feature.

Each ticket that comes into your helpdesk will always have an associated Department; this makes it easy for you to group tickets in a way that is meaningful to you and your team and allows more efficient support management. You can organize and group tickets by assigning them to different departments, this will be covered in Automate your Helpdesk, first you need to set up your Departments:

To set up Departments, go to Admin > Ticket Structure > Departments. By default there are already Sales and Support Departments, you can edit these or just delete them depending on what your helpdesk requires.

To create a new Department click the + New button, this will open a window where you can fill in the new Department title, as well as customize other settings, then click Save to create it.

For more information on Departments refer to the Departments section of the Admin Guide.

Or read the next article in Getting Started on Adding Agents to your helpdesk.

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