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Search Custom Fields in main search box - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Search Custom Fields in main search box Finished

It would be nice to be able to search through Custom fields in the main search box. I know this can be a bit of a resource hog but if we can customise the Search Box to search in specific fields (including specific custom fields), it would make our life a lot easier. Currently we have a custom field for "Customer ID" so that when a ticket comes in, we can see if something similar has already been requested for that Customer. Currently what we'd have to do is go to the Search tab in Tickets, then tick All statuses, then untick Me, then select the Custom field. It is too cumbersome and clunky!

Comments (8)

Earle Steel
Hello Tram, Thank you for your feedback! Whilst we think about where this could fit with our development, other Users can contribute and agree with your Feedback - the more, the merrier! The more we feel it will benefit a number of Users, the more likely it is we will work on the feature!
This would be a nice feature for agents. It would also be a nice feature for registered users to be able to search any custom fields on the tickets they've submitted.
Zsolt Kiss
Hello Tram we also prefer this feature, because in our system the custom fields have important rules, so the possibility of searching on them would make our daily life much more easier.
Jason McGrath
+1! Being able to choose which custom fields for inclusion/indexing for the main search box (using Elasticsearch) would be be a significant time saver and make things much easier.
David Fountain
+1 We use a custom field to track a few things such as custom nested categories and third-party tickets from vendors. Would love to see this feature added!
Brad Templeton
+1. Being able to search this field would help in multiple ways. We document computer names in custom fields and tickets from outside sources. This way we can easily find data from the search feature.
Zsolt Kiss
Hello Team, i think it is already developed and released. Am I right?
Matthew Wray
This is supported by some field types but not all. If the field contains a string (e.g. single line text box) it should return TICKETS. Fields that contain different data types such as arrays and datetimes won't though.