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Mark agent as absent / enter substitution for agent Report

We would like to mark an agent in Deskpro as absent or it should be possible to enter a substitution for an agent who will then automatically be assigned all tickets of another agent or at least automatically receive e-mails.

Currently, triggers can be maintained, but this is too time-consuming if an agent falls ill or is on holiday. You have to maintain everything by hand.

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Jeroen van der Steen
I think this has been requested before but it is also important to us.
Peter Huber
We need this. We have about 40 agents and it is not cool, if the admin has to configure the trigger if someone gets ill oder is on holidy. No agent is able to do this for himself, e.g. if he wants to go to a conference. Too much time to spend, to centralized to the admin.

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