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DeskPRO Build #145 Released - Uutiset / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

lokak. 16 2012

DeskPRO Build #145 Released

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We are pleased to announce a new release of the DeskPRO helpdesk platform, build #145.

The following is an automatically generated list of changes in this release:

  • Use empty message string
  • Fix setting name/email via trigger only affecting notifs sent after (ie. if current notification, would use old value). Add new actions to set from name/email for agent notifications.
  • Default handling of 'script error' errors. These are from errors in external scripts that we cant get details of because of origin policy
  • Prevent unlimited textarea from scrolling to bottom after every change when very long
  • New People take default timezone from settings
  • Fix perm check of own submitted feedback when its awaiting validation
  • Dont show captcha on new feedback if already logged in
  • Update ticket merging to use the new UI and to combine more data together in the merge.
  • Fix network status saying both status messages
  • Fix archived content not showing up in agent interface
  • If a job crashes, roll back any open transactions and log that they were rolled back
  • Prevent JS error when poller returns bad data
  • Handle exceptions in a worker job to prevent the whole cron from crashing if theres a problem with one job
  • Fix error 2109: getTicketsResultsFromIds when ids is not numerically indexed array
  • Dont report conversion errors, but still log them
  • Fix fatal error on existing sticky search result, just replace
  • Fix possible warnings on PlainMailDir close if dir was already closed
  • Fix weird row selection with task assignment
  • Show 'licensing interface' instead of 'billing interafce' for downloadable DeskPRO
  • Fall back on full body if body is empty after cutting
  • Add Zimbra plaintext cut pattern, fix TextMatcher saying it matched when it actually didnt which can prevent the 'fallback' text cutter from running
  • Reject agent replies that use TAC but from unknown address
  • Fix showing picture placeholders in agent team/group list when agent was deleted
  • Fix saving multiple contact data on people/orgs . This was due to contact_data collection indexing by id, and new records having id 0 so overwriting eachother
  • Update feedback merging to use the new merge system (and make the merge interface more generally applicable).
  • Fix comment html entities being double encoded
  • Couple more fixes around 'changed' trigger criteria
  • Replying to tickets via the API replies as the ticket owner unless message_as_agent is set to a non-0 value. (This is consistent with creating a new ticket.)
  • Fix for 'changed to/from' trigger criteria
  • When submitting a ticket via the API, default to creating the ticket message as the person owning the ticket, rather than the agent. Pass a non-0 value to the param "message_as_agent" to force the message to be from the agent.
  • Dont show agent cut line if gateway_agent_require_marker is off
  • Add 'any' handling to escalations that was missing
  • Fix 'no matches' text on add labels trigger item
  • Only cleanup old sources if status is complete
  • Support for API-specific ticket triggers, including support for only triggering based on the API key used.
  • Fix suggestion links on newticket in iframe, fix 'view more results' link has rendered html
  • Prevent double dupe check on gateway newticket
  • Prevent notices with unset options in Pop3 fetcher
  • Fix deleting ticket inserting bad ticket delete log when using custom refs
  • Add log option to log where persist calls are made
  • dp:agents default action is to list agents
  • Ability to specify "super user" API keys that can make requests as any agent. The agent must be specified in each request via the X-DeskPRO-Agent-ID header or the DP-AGENT-ID request parameter.
  • Keep cc lists on ticket view in sync
  • Restore scrollbar position when activating tabs
  • Change API-created tickets to default to being unassigned.
  • Validate from email address before trying to set it in a trigger
  • Missing term description for org_label
  • Fix call to undefined func about person context in TermSummary
  • Queued email that are sent via post transaction events shouldnt throw exceptions, but still be logged
  • Support for attaching files to ticket messages via the API.
  • Complain about null/empty status in setStatus
  • Add missing 'time_created' term to TicketTerms checker
  • Fix error 2047: day_created term with TicketTerms
  • Dont send error report of pop network errors
  • Prevent PHP warning when invalid phrase name used in template
  • Dont send error reports of apc 'unable to allocate memory' warnings
  • Fix error 2077: Invalid var for foreach in some cases setting default name on outgoing email
  • Add simple controls for 'helpdesk addresses' so gateway isnt confused with cc'd addressess and gateway forwards
  • Dont send transcript for chats ended via timeout
  • Fix agent chats not finding the proper conversation
  • Add findIdentityByInput to LDAP adapter so users from gateway can be read in
  • Fix term descriptions when there are two of same type
  • Autoresponder option sholudnt prevent agent reply notifications, just auto-conf
  • Fix JS error due to using dot as concat instead of +
  • Fix saving profile from user interface when no custom fields defined
  • Improve performance of glossary word highlighter when many words
  • Fix subcat ordering on admin departments list
  • Fix switching tabs within tickets source pane not updating scollbar
  • Fix applying label ops on massactions
  • Another fix for [object htmlinputelement] in select2
  • Add missing ticketlog for adding/removing labels, fix possible [object htmlinputelement] label
  • Fix 'this.lastActiveTab.addClass is not a function'
  • Fix user viewticket not respecting ticket layout
  • Try to handle HTML-only forwards by converting them to plain text
  • Handling banning users also deleting, add ban option to profile tab, enforce ip bans
  • Correct invalid userchat counts
  • Fixes and tweaks around when filter with subgrouping options are refreshed, prevents unnecessary refreshes where possible (eg ticket being removed from list)
  • Number of fixes with chat widget, especially for IE8
  • Add Apple Mail plaintext cut pattern
  • Add bit more logging to upgrade.log
  • Fix notice when escalation results in a notification
  • Fixes to install command used by cloud
  • Fix bug opening chat from feedback widget
  • Fix setting simple properties on api newticket failing if api agent didnt have 'view' and 'modify' permissions
  • Fix upgrade util complaining about invalid php binary path, when it was just bad php itself
  • Quicksearch org names and also return users from those orgs
  • Show notice when agent viewing article users cant normally see
  • Fix widget having no css after upgrade. The widget did not properly refresh the css blob if it didn't exist/was stale, which would be the case after an upgrade but also if you edited css. Normally not noticable because any load of the portal writes the blob. I.e., one portal load, widget appears fine.
  • Showing flags on lang admin, allow editing
  • Add arabic flag for arabic lang
  • Upgrade sets proper flag if it hasnt been set already
  • Make sure notices box is hidden if empty
  • Updated languages: Danish - Danish: Added 549 phrases
  • U// pdate manifest flat
  • Fix lang pos as you resize browser
  • Updated languages: Arabic - Arabic: Added 1 phrase
  • Add date to rejections list
  • Fix invalid error message when viewing invalid ticket id

If you are using the cloud version of DeskPRO, your account will have already been updated or will be updated within the next 24-48 hours.

If you are using DeskPRO download, you can update your installation from the admin interface.

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