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Deskpro Horizon Release 2024.21 - اخبار / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

خرداد 21 2024

Deskpro Horizon Release 2024.21

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We’re pleased to announce the release of Deskpro Horizon, version 2024.21.0. This release includes improvements to product functionality that will enhance agent experience and several bug fixes.

Latest Improvements

💅 The Organization Hierarchy feature has been improved with additional validation to the Children field, which prevents agents from creating an infinite loop for a smoother user experience (SC 149243).

💅 We have improved the agent experience when communicating with users via Facebook. Now, if the last channel used was Facebook, the reply box will automatically load the Facebook tab when an agent opens a ticket (SC 146039).

Bug Fixes

🐛 The issue with the Error Duplicate Forward email template has been resolved. Users will now receive the templated response when they send duplicate forwards to the Helpdesk (SC 141998).

🐛 An interaction issue has been fixed with single-line and multi-line text and select fields. Deskpro will no longer attempt to resave the field when agents interact with it, avoiding any resulting errors (SC 150648).

🐛 We fixed an issue with the Time & Billing feature on Tickets, so Agents will be able to scroll through the full list of charges on a ticket (SC 147437).

🐛 We've resolved an attribution issue for the first message on a ticket thread when agents create the ticket. The first message will now always be attributed to the agent who wrote it, not the agent assigned to the ticket during creation (SC 141282).

🐛 We have fixed the process of the action Forward as New Ticket. Creating tickets with this method will no longer bypass the addition of SLAs (SC 149037).

🐛 We have resolved an issue with the agent assignment option in the reply box actions to ensure the ability to remove the assigned agent respects the agent’s own Can Unassign permission (SC 151692).

On-Premise Controller Release 2.17.1

We are also delighted to announce the latest version of the OPC, 2.17.1. This version includes new features and some general improvements that will provide an increased level of administrator capabilities.

Bug Fix

🐛 Retry container restarts during a configuration rollback for a failed instance update (SC 150591).

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