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Export user data

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Is there a method I can use to export my user data for use in MailChimp or similar ??


You can go to the Reports section Stat Builder > Add to export a list of users.

The following query will give you the users name, id, email address and organization.

SELECT, people_emails.date_created, people_emails.person,,

FROM people_emails

WHERE people_emails.date_created = %THIS_MONTH%

You can change the time period under WHERE depending on what users you want to export e.g users that were created THIS_YEAR, LAST_MONTH etc.

This report will give you more information - all of the above plus their address and phone number

SELECT, people_emails.person,, AS 'Organization Name', people_emails.person.contact_data.field_1 AS 'Address', people_emails.person.contact_data.field_2 AS 'City', people_emails.person.contact_data.field_3 AS 'State', people_emails.person.contact_data.field_4 AS 'Zipcode', people_emails.person.contact_data.field_5 AS 'Country', people_emails.person.phone_numbers.number AS 'Phone Number'

FROM people_emails


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