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Using the stat builder

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Deskpro's reports interface includes a powerful Report Builder that allows you to produce detailed statistics and metrics for your helpdesk. This article is a quick guide to getting started with building custom stats.

To access the reports interface, click the bar chart icon in the Deskpro sidebar

If you don't see this icon, you may need to ask your admin to grant you access to reports.


What are stats?

Stats are sets of data values that can be displayed in a variety of different formats. You can combine multiple stats together to create reports, and multiple reports to create dashboards.

Stats are built using DPQL, a structured query language. Each DPQL query you make pulls specific data from your helpdesk and displays it in the specified format.

Using stats

To use stats, click Stat Builder in the Reports Sidebar.

Here you can see a list of existing stats, complete with labels. You can filter stats here by name or label.

To interact with a stat, click on it.

In the stat pane, you can see the the data values the stat is showing based on the DPQL queries associated with it.

You can also edit the DPQL values of the stat by clicking the Edit Stat button.

To create a new stat, click the + Add button.

Using variables

To use variables within queries, you can add variables using the 'Add Variable' button below the fields in the query builder.

Enter an ID for the variable. This is how you will refer to the variable from the query. 

Then simply select the type of data you want the variable to pull from, and select an optional default value for the variable to appear.

Using the above variable as an example, every time you use ${date} in the query title or query itself, it will refer to the this variable and select from the data type you determine - in this case it is the date data type.

When you're ready to finish, enter a title for your stat, and add any labels you wish to associate it with.

Whether editing or creating a new stat, you will be required to use DPQL queries to specify the data you want to see in the stat.

The query builder provides a guided process so you simply need to fill in the values, but raw DPQL allows you to input both clauses and values if you wish.

For more information on using DPQL, refer to this article.

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