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Reverting Community to Feedback

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Deskpro Community

The Deskpro Feedback area has been renamed Community in release 2019.7.

We feel this better reflects the purpose of the area; to generate conversation between users and agents.

We do appreciate that in some use cases you may wish to continue using the phrase 'Feedback' - or may need to delay or buffer this change.

Reverting to Feedback

To temporarily revert you simply need to update the relevant phrases in your language settings to reflect 'Feedback' again rather than 'Community':

Navigate to your language settings:

Admin -> Setup -> Languages -> 'Language' -> Edit Phrases

And then update phrases containing 'Community' with 'Feedback'

Prominent Phrases

The below phrases are the most prominent in the UI so just updating these should quickly transform your 'Community' back to 'Feedback'

General Phrases:


Community Phrases: 

Long Term

Per the news release here - we are introducing Community as a new and improved channel into the helpdesk. More positive changes will be coming. This article is strictly for short term usage.

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