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Bypass IP whitelisting


Deskpro’s IP whitelisting feature requires you to confirm your identity by clicking on a link in an email when you access the helpdesk from a new IP address.

If email delivery from your helpdesk stops working after you enable IP whitelisting, you can end up locked out. The token login method will not work in this situation.

You can manually whitelist an IP using:

php bin/console dp:agents whitelist-ip

You will be prompted to enter the email address of an agent and the IP to whitelist.

You can disable whitelisting altogether by entering this line in your config.settings.php file:

$DP_CONFIG['SETTINGS'] = array('agent.ip_security.enabled' => false);

Once you have regained access, remember to remove this line or comment it out before you try to turn IP whitelisting back on.

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First published: 21/03/2017

Last updated: Jul 3, 2018 by Colin Dunn